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Image Credit: news tribune official site

Image Credit: news tribune official site

Rome News Tribune is a well-established, local newspaper in Rome, Georgia, United States.Situated in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Rome is the biggest city in and the area seat of Floyd County, Georgia, United States.

Situated in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Rome is the biggest city in and the area seat of Floyd County, Georgia, United States.

It is the second biggest city, after Gadsden, Alabama, close to the focal point of the triangular zone characterized by the Interstate expressways between Atlanta, Birmingham and Chattanooga. It has grown as a provincial center in such fields as medicinal care and education. Notwithstanding its government funded educational system, there are a few private schools. Prestigious organizations include private Berry College and Shorter University, and public schools Georgia Northwestern Technical College and Georgia Highlands College.[ois skin=”1″ split=”2″]

It is the essential city of the Rome, Georgia, Metropolitan Statistical Area, populace 96,250 (2009), which envelops all of Floyd County. At the 2010 census, the city alone had an aggregate populace of 36,303. It is the biggest city in Northwest Georgia and the nineteenth biggest city in the state.

Like any other local newspaper, Rome News Tribune started with humble beginnings, and has now grown to be one of the most trusted newspapers in the city.


The daily Rome News-Tribune is currently one of ten publications owned by the News Publishing Company. This company, through its many acquisitions, has around 225 workers, excluding carriers, which are hired independent contractors.

The historical backdrop of the News Publishing Company started November 1, 1928. That is the point at which the late Burgett H. Mooney, Sr. of Gadsden, T.B. Goodwin of Gadsen as well, and the late William S. Mudd of Birmingham, conceptualized and built the organization and company, and obtained the Rome News-Tribune.

The company’s acquisitions included the following:

  • The Rockmart Journal in 1980 – weekly newspaper
  • Calhoun Times in 1986 – Twice-weekly newspaper
  • Cherokee County (Alabama) in May 1988 – weekly newspaper
  • Walker County Messenger in September 1988 – twice-weekly newspaper
  • Cherokee County Sun (Alabama) in 1989
  • Cherokee County Sun was merged with Cherokee County Herald in 1990
  • Catoosa County News in November 1990

News Publishing Company is reported to have a few more weekly newspapers in circulation than the abovementioned, with a few of those done for free distribution.

Today, the greater part of the News Publishing Company’s stock is held by the Mooney family. Burgett H. Mooney, III, is the general director of the Rome News Tribune. This happened after Burgett H. Mooney, Jr., retired after 40 years in service to the newspaper.


The paper has proven to be one of the oldest existing newspapers in the area, and it is a proud establishment to have worked with two famous people, during Civil War. These two people are:

Bill Arpy

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Charles Henry Smith (June 15, 1826 – August 24, 1903) was an American author and legislator from Georgia. He utilized the pseudonym or pen name “Bill Arp” for about 40 years. He had a national notoriety as a custom made humourist amid his lifetime, and no less than three areas are named for him. These communities are Arp, Texas, Bill Arp, Ga. and Arp, Ga.

After the war, he came back to Rome, where he served as the mayor, a council member, and also in the Georgia State Senate.

He likewise took up writing. He composed “letters to the editorial manager” to the Atlanta Constitution as Bill Arp. They were ordinarily in “Wafer tongue” discussing all ways of things.

His main contribution to Rome News Tribune was as an editor for the newspaper. Aside from Rome News Tribune, he also edited for daily papers in Cartersville and Atlanta. He also distributed five books: Bill Arp’s Letters (1870), Bill Arp’s Scrap Book (1884), The Farm and Fireside (1891), History of Georgia (1895), From the Uncivil War to Date (1903). He likewise composed a month to month segment for the Southern Cultivator.

Also, he was an effective speaker and lecturer.

He passed on August 24, 1903 in Cartersville, where his remains are buried.

Henry Grady

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Henry Woodfin Grady (May 24, 1850 – December 23, 1889) was a columnist and speaker who helped reintegrate the conditions of the previous Confederacy into the Union after the American Civil War. Grady energized the industrialization of the South.

His main contribution to Rome News Tribune is as a journalist and reporter. He also was a journalist for other papers, including the Atlanta Herald and New York Herald.

Grady advanced a direct opposite between the “old South” which “laid everything on subjugation and agribusiness, oblivious that these could neither give nor keep up sound development,” and “another south” – “exciting with the awareness of developing force and prosperity.”

From 1882 to 1886, alongside Nathaniel E. Harris, he advanced the creation in Atlanta of the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), a state professional instruction school to prepare specialists for new commercial ventures.

By December 23, he was determined to have pneumonia and passed on that day also. He was buried on Christmas Day 1889. He was first buried in a friend’s grave at Oakland Cemetery, due to lack of family funds at that time. His body was moved and reinterred at Westview Cemetery when it opened.



The newspaper has reached far and beyond the expectations that started it all. This success is stamped and approved by awards received such as the Ron Autry award in 2006, as well as the New Frontier Award they received in 2007.

It has also embraced change, and this is seen in the newspaper’s adaptation to modern journalism. With the increase in technological dependence of readers, the newspaper also made sure to still reach out and bring news to the locals of Rome, Georgia, and beyond, through its joining of the computer age. They also have an online website that people can read via mobiles and other Internet-capable gadgets.

If you are an avid reader of this newspaper, you can also check out their Facebook Page and Twitter Page.

You can also start reading on the latest news via Rome News Tribune by visiting their official website.

What once was a local weekly newspaper, has now become one of the most trusted daily newspapers. Now, they not only report local news about Rome, Georgia, but of all other world trending news that they want the locals of Rome to read and be aware of.

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