Ecotourism isn’t a very recent idea – Hector Ceballos-Lascurain used it originally back in July 1983. He made popular the idea of vacation packages which help both the local ecology and the economy.

Even though eco-tourism is frequently linked to traveling to exotic destinations in tropical settings in foreign countries, there are, in fact, many ways by which you can become in eco-tourist without having to leave North America!

Here are 4 great eco-friendly vacations that you can enjoy without changing continents:

#1 Take a trip to a National Park



If you’re having for an eco-friendly tour, why not make it a National Park trip? It will be both patriotic and friendly to the planet!

There are national parks present throughout Canada and the US, so you won’t have to travel especially far to get to one. National parks today generate millions of dollars worth revenue which goes on to finance the preservation efforts for the countries natural beauty and scenery.

National parks will give you pure, unadulterated natural vistas to feast your eyes on, and you’ll be able to connect with nature in a way that guided tours simply can’t offer.

#2 Go Camping


There ís no need to dish out $300 each night for a stay at a big time fancy hotel, when you can simply set up a tent and enjoy the night underneath the stars, being at peace with Gaia.

There are private and public camping grounds available throughout North America that you can avail for this. These camping grounds will let you experience camping in a safe, controlled setting but if you’re partial to a particular location, make sure you book in advance since camping grounds are often completely filled during the main tourist season.

You can also camp over at national parks in Canada. I personally prefer camping with minimal gear to experience the back to the wilds feeling of survival and adventure. Pack only the necessities such as a portable tent, emergency electronics, camping utilities, and a durable air mattress.

#3 Work at a WOOF farm

Don’t be put off by the name – it doesn’t really mean a farm for dogs! It is a setup for individuals that want to spend their energy supporting a cause called Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms.

Volunteering at a WOOF farm will get you food and lodging. There are such farms scattered all across the US and it is quite likely that there is one close to you as well.

#4 Go on a biking trip


Biking is an excellent form of exercise, besides being a popular green transport. Of course it’s possible to put on your helmet and hit the road close to your own house, but biking on a trail has a sense of thrill and adventure of its own.

You can have a buddy come with you and have a little competition on the trail – that’s what I do anyways. You can find bike trails everywhere, ranging from pave roadways (easy) to steep, rugged paths (hard). Some trails are exclusively for bikers whereas others you’ll have to share with backpackers and other traffic.

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