The Day my iPhone Decided To Try Out Swimming in a Puddle

Saving Unlocked iPhone from Water Damage

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I have learned a lot in life, yet somehow, life just doesn’t seem to want to stop giving me lessons to learn.

The latest stunt I had to overcome is when I accidentally dropped by recently unlocked iPhone in a puddle of mud. I spent so much research time in finding a website ran by perfect people that can successfully unlock an iPhone, and yet, there it was, swimming in a puddle.

As this event proves, it is not only our homes that are prone to water damage.

If you find yourself in a situation like I did, then you can follow these steps that might just save your iPhone, as it saved mine.

Saving Your iPhone from Water Damage

Every second counts, and the first thing you have to QUICKLY do is remove your iPhone from the water source. I cannot stress enough how QUICKLY means QUICKLY in this scenario.

Once you have your phone, you must turn it off immediately. Just hold down the power button for the longest time you’ve ever done in your entire iPhone experience, and hope and wait that it shuts off despite water exposure.

remove everything you can remove – casing, screen protectors, and another thing that might add to trapping water inside the iPhone. Of course, remove accessories as well and unplug it from any cable like headsets, usb, and powerbanks.

Wipe off any visible water you see on the phone. Use your shirt, socks, towel, or whatever is available to use to dry off the iPhone. Wipe the entire thing, form the screen to the sides and the back, the power button, menu button, card slots, volume buttons, microphones and speakers, audio jack and everywhere else possible.

If by any chance there is available Q-tip, then use it to clean out the water from smaller areas like the audio jacks. If no Q-tip is available, be creative. Use pen tips and wrap them in a small fiber or cotton and try to reach those small crevices.

Now, when you have gotten rid of as much water as you can, prepare some rice and put it inside a ziplock bag, or any airtight bag. Any type of rice will do, just don’t choose “enriched” rice because the “enriching” substance might just replace the water and be the one to reside your iPhone. Of course, enriched rice still works, but knowing that this will leave white residues on your screen, in the audio jack, and wherever possible it would be to squeeze in, then why choose it, right?

Saving Unlocked iPhone From Water Damage

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You will have to place the iPhone inside the rice-filled airtight bag, and wait for at least 36 hours before you can take the iPhone out and try if you were quick enough to save it from completely getting damaged by water. If you have the patience for it, and if you think that the water damage was really big, then you can extend your waiting time to 48 hours. This will make more certain that all the water inside the iPhone has been absorbed by rice.

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