Herbal Viagra and the Alternative to Big Pharma

embaressment over erectile dysfunction


Simply by writing this post I feel like I’m in a room full of thousands of people and they are all staring at me…….Why? Because I did have ED for many years.

With the recent hoopla over Lamar Odom and herbal viagra, I figured it was time for me to speak out.

It’s one of those things that most guys would take to their grave. I had it for probably 4 years before I would ever talk about it. I finally realized that it if I ever wanted help I would have to. When I did open up about it wasn’t as bad as I thought. People were (thankfully) very understanding, to my face at least. I realized that it is a lot more common than I ever realized and now am part of a support group that is great for dealing with issues.

With the confession out of the way, now I can talk about my treatment options and maybe help anyone that is in the same situation I am. First off, I really enjoy eating healthy, doing high intense weight training and just keeping my mind overall focused on making good choices instead of bad about food and exercise. So going straight to the doctor and asking for Viagra wasn’t my first thought, thankfully. I wanted a more natural way.

Enter Musli. Musli is an all natural libido enhancer that has been around for centuries. I was instantly skeptical, thinking it was some sort of fake potion that was preying on people like me that choose a more homeopathic approach to health. After the scanning through the 300+ reviews that were 95% positive I knew something had to be legit about it. Musli
also offers a 100% money-back guarantee so I figured I couldn’t go wrong.


I will spare the intimate details, but I can say that I was very happy with the results. This product did exactly as it described and I am able to perform as I did in my twenties, before I had ED. There has never been any “lasting effects” for hours and hours that prescription pills warn of. I can’t see any reason why I would need anything else because it would just seem unnatural.

ED is something that seems to be here to stay, for me. Some have said that it is purely mental but I just can’t see how that is the case with me. With that being said, I do have to take Musli on as “as needed” basis. For me, this isn’t a problem at all. After all, I’m not in my twenties.

I will say, I have an unnamed friend that swears by Erectile Dysfunction Rememdium. It is also an all natural alternative but one that incorporates food and other lifestyle choices. There is a 60-day money back guarantee with it as well. I’ve yet to try it myself but will probably do so in the near future.

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