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I always get very excited when I buy a new computer. You get it home, start it up, and it runs so smooth and fast! Web pages come up so fast, and the programs open up and run without crashing.

Why can’t they stay like that?

A while back I bought a new computer and it ran great…because it was new. After about a month I had it set up exactly the way I wanted it with all the programs I would need to use for work and home.

Unfortunately all of the sudden it didn’t seem to run quite as good as it did when I had bought it. The internet was slow, videos would buffer for what seemed like forever, and there were pop ups coming from all directions.

  • Was my computer being attacked by Malware or a virus?
  • Why was my brand new computer crashing?

All it could be was a virus, I thought. Maybe I downloaded some malware with that software I had installed on my computer.

It was strange because I was using an antivirus program that was known to be very good but things only got worse. My computer was slow until the day the DNS Changer Virus rumors started floating around. I was afraid of this virus so I did what the professionals said to do. They recommended that everyone download a certain kind of virus scanner that could detect a virus that regular antivirus programs could not.

I downloaded it, I ran it, and guess what. It found a few things that my antivirus had not. It wasn’t the DNS Changer, but it was something strong. After the software removed the malware I started to notice something.

My computer ran like new again! I could not believe it!

I own a website, and in that website I recommend many helpful things. As I go through life I run into challenges. As I figure out how to overcome these challenges I post about it.

A slow computer can really present a challenge if you depend on it for completing important tasks. I overcame that challenge. I conquered that laggy and glitchy computer, and now I want to share the trick with you.

It isn’t a secret, but not very many people know about it. It is not for sale because it was made available for free by the antivirus community under direction of the FBI. This software is very good, and if you run it once a month your computer will continue to run perfect all the time. Check out my PC optimization guide where I will tell you how to get that software and make your computer run like new again.

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