Apple has added to the mix 2 new slick iPhones simultaneously for the very first time and they are both pretty similar. For me, the decision was easy but for you there may be a problem. Which one will you pick?

The iPhone 6, which I add feels excellent to hold, has almost all exactly the same features as the iPhone 6+. The iPhone 6 and big brother 6+ have bigger displays than previous iPhones. Both of them have brand new A8 processors. Both of them come configured as 16, 64, or 128GB of flash storage. Both of them are available in 3 colors: silver, gold, and gray. They both offer slimmer and more flat designs, improved cameras, faster Wi-Fi and LTE, greater voice quality if you are utilizing voice-over-LTE.

hobbitI have been a proud owner of the iPhone 6 for a week, and I can confidently say: Apple’s new iPhone has a better, big display, and it makes the iPhone 5S/5C/5 screen seem tiny.  When it came to choosing which I wanted between the 6 and the 6+, it was easy. I have small hands and I wanted to still be able to use the phone for texting with one hand.  Thankfully, I am able to, albeit it’s a stretch!

Android phones for years have been shipping with screens in large, 5 inch+ displays, but Apple always has relied on the need for a smaller display for one handed operation. The iPhone 5S hit a wall in display size, its four inch screen was one of the smallest in the huge smartphone marketplace. Apple felt a need to compete in the larger phone arena and thus the 6 and 6+ were born.

payEach of the new  models additionally include Apple Pay, the brand new and most likely groundbreaking NFC-powered payment method that turns the iPhone perfectly into a credit card. Apple Pay will probably be the biggest feature on these two iPhones in the event it works as presented. With our society going cashless and iPhone crazy, this new addition just seems inevitable. Apple Pay will  launch in the U.S. in October.

The iPhone 6 feels very good in my hand. I will tell the truth when I say I was worried about it being too big, but it isn’t.  It’s slender, stylish, functions better than ever, and offers every feature I need in a smartphone. Althought on their website, Apple boasts of extra battery life in some tasks, it falls short of the additional battery life I seem to need out of a single daily charge cycle.

cydiaApple thankfully makes the process painless of changing from one iPhone to a new iPhone. I backed up my old iPhone 5 and restored the backup to the new 6 and there wasn’t a hitch. I am however a huge fan of what is called jailbreaking and this new iPhone is missing some of the features that I miss on my jailbroken iPhone 5. Jailbreaking allows you access to an alternate “app store” that includes tens of thousands of jailbroken apps. These “red headed stepchild” apps can do anything from change the theme of your iPhone to allow tweaking of Apple’s iOS. I will most likely have to wait a few months before a jailbreak is available for iOS8.

I chose to go with the 128GB iPhone 6. I was constantly having to remove pictures off my iPhone 5 to make room for new apps. I do wish one day that Apple will eventually allow the use of removable flash media in addition to the stock flash storage. They have budged on a few things that I thought they never would so maybe we will see that one day.

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