Curves are Back

This is How You Can Get a Fuller Figure

Bigger Butts are in. Stars Like Nikki Minaj have lead the way for fuller women

Most women have been through that ‘weight loss phase”, where they spend tons of time, effort and even money trying to lose weight. Being skinny was in and celebrity models like Kate Moss were plastered all over the television screen. Everyone wanted to be skinnier that a rail. Not today, woman now is more comfortable with their body and shape.


Woman can take pride in the curves and contours. Curves are in!, They can make a girl more attractive to men and look more feminine. Just as with any fad the models and celebrities have set the trend. Singers like Nicki Minaj and models such as Kim Kardashian have lead the way for thicker, full figure woman. So, how do you get started and achieve that great curvy body?


Don’t Just Eat Junk Food

Sometimes it’s not as easy as just eating a ton of junk food. After all, you don’t just want to gain weight, you want the weight in all the right places. It may come easy for some girls, eat a cheeseburger and the fat goes right to the hips. For others, it might not be so direct. The fat collects around the waist and belly, they don’t seem to really gain around the hips, butt and thighs. Even worse, girls like me with a really fast metabolism don’t seem to gain weight at all. To be completely honest, if I did gain any weight, it always went to my belly.


Men Are Attracted to Thicker Women

If you’re desperate for curves and suffer from a fast metabolism or don’t gain any weight at the right spots, there is hope. I have found and tried out a great system for getting a bigger butt, wider hips and just more girly curves. After about a month of following along and taking all the advice from the guides. I have managed to finally see results.

Men want a girl with some curves.

Women have had it all wrong. Men want a girl with some curves.

Not only have I not been eating enough, I have never been eating right. Yeah, There are certain food that can help a girl get a fatter booty. So, if you’re a skinny girl like me, you have to give it a shot. A Long with the right diet, a good exercise routine needs to be in place. You can’t just start putting on the pounds without telling your body where you want the fat to go. For me, I needed, wanted wider hips and a rounder behind. So I started to hit the gym hard. Not really too hard, I made sure to follow the workout routine for a bubble butt with a few wider exercises and it started to work. Maybe after a month or so I started to get compliments on my new perky butt!


OK, so this is where I usually fail, stomach fat! Like I said before, If I gain any weight it’s on the belly! So, of course, moving into this routine, I kind of was worried. Eating a bunch of carbs was never my thing. Besides a little rice every now and then, I avoided carbohydrates like the plague. So eating just one sweet potato a day seemed like a deal breaker, good thing I’m So determined. I took it one day at a time and used my fat callipers to keep track of any tummy fat. It did seem to grow a bit, but it may be hard to tell. Most fluctuations can just be water retention. Especially with so many more carbs added to my diet. Luckily, I knew that and kept on going.

My Verdict on The ButBuildr Program

After about 2 months, I can say it works. My body looks thicker, my butt is bigger and my hips are curved. All that plus my stomach has remained flat! I am finally able to maintain a health body fat percentage.


So, if you’re skinny and want to get more curves, I definitely recommend the ButtBuildr Program.

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