Come See the Beauty of the Coldwater Mountain Bike Trail

I just wanted to write a quick post about a new hobby I’ve really been enjoying…..mountain biking. I’m a bigger guy so running isn’t so good on my joints. I wanted something I could do that

  1. allowed me to enjoy the outdoors
  2. wasn’t bad on my joints
  3. didn’t bore me to death

Mountain biking did all of these things for me, and more. Since I started riding just a few months ago, I’ve lost 11 lbs! And that is all of the exercise that I’ve been doing, although it doesn’t feel like exercise because it’s so much fun. I’m trying to find someone to start riding with me so if you would like to start send me a message. I’m free on most afternoons and on the weekends.

There is a really great trail near where I live. It’s called the Coldwater Mountain Bike Trail and it is epic. It is on the top 100 best mountain bike trails in the country! I ride it at least twice a week. There is lots of info at a website that is dedicated to the Coldwater Mountain Bike Trail including videos so you can see how the trails are laid out. They have group rides frequently and have great areas to picnic also. Bring your bike, bring some food and ride hard.

Since I’ve started mountain biking my sleep has also been a lot better. If I can lose about 10 more lbs I will be ecstatic. I have tried going to the gym and exercising and it just doesn’t work for me. This is more like entertainment than exercising!

People travel from all over the Southeast and I’ve even met some from across the country that have came to ride this trail. Even if you are like me and just a casual rider, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery in this area. I encourage you to try the Coldwater Mountain Bike Trail for yourself.

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