Hosted VoIP in AT&T

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AT&T, one of the largest multinational telecommunications giants in the US, is also one of the most trusted brands when it comes to hosted VoIP services. It has a wide selection of VoIP plans, making it a fan favorite by millions of residents and business establishments.

Aside from its budget-friendly plans and advanced tools and features, here are more reasons why people really like the AT&T Hosted VoIP plans:

  • provides smooth and organized communication between employees and offices in remote areas through its wide global network. Workers that are on the go will not need to worry about communicating with superiors and co-workers because the VoIP system has features that allows direct forwarding calls to and from office to employer’s mobile number
  • plans for different hosted VoIP features are also flexible, making it possible for clients to increase or decrease credits and access according to the business’ needs.
  • the AT&T hosted VoIP also helps the business through managing customer calls effectively. Employees can receive calls through several devices, and would not need to be forced to stay in an area just to accommodate calls.
  • there will be no need to shell out capital for an extensive IT unit because the upgrades and maintenance will be performed in the cloud, where the network is always up to date.
  • Perfect for small businesses who wish to spare tech costs but can still come at par to the needs of bigger businesses with higher network demand.
  • managing payment methods is easy as well since everything is automated and can be viewed and paid online.
  • depending on your plan, you can have unlimited inbound and outbound calls, making owners sure that employees will have no excuse when they do not communicate back for emergency situations.

All these features and more with AT&T. No wonder a lot of costumers, especially small businesses, really prefer to avail of this telecom giant’s services. All features are indeed based towards costumer benefit and despite the many clients the company serves, quality of its network remains in great condition.

The plans come in bundles with AT&T’s Internet service, so what more can you ask for? You have all these benefits plus the Internet. Even when one would think that an Internet line is unnecessary, sooner or later, you will realize that an Internet line is a necessity.

Aside from all these software benefits, the company is also known to provide a bit of hardware upgrades, if consumers want to avail of it. In fact, one of the things that businesses like with the AT&T system is that it also provides a back-up battery for the network equipment, giving businesses leeway to continue operations for a few more minutes when power supply is suddenly cut or lost. This helps avoid deterioration of equipment and helps prevent miscommunication and other possible problems that can occur due to sudden loss of network.

No important calls missed, no reason to not communicate and no hassle at all whatsoever, that is the AT&T hosted VoIP service.

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