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UFC's Leslie Smith Cauliflower Ear Explodes

Cauliflower ear, its something every sports fighter has to deal with. Its ugly and can get huge. So what exactly is it? It happens when the external part of the ear suffers a traumatic blow or injury. Its a collection of blood and other fluids that collect under the skin and ear cartilage.

The fluid separates the skin from the cartilage and kind of resembles a Cauliflower. Its permanent and the only way to fix it is to get the fluid removed and skin tucked surgically. If you act fast you may be able to prevent any further deformities.
The best bet is to wear protection!

Which is something that Leslie Smith didn’t do. If you missed the UFC fight, I’m sure you heard about it by now. UFC’s rank number 3 contender at 125lbs was covered in blood. Her bout with Jessica Eye took an ugly turn. With an right hand aimed at the right side of her face, hitting her directly on her cauliflower ear.

As soon as that shot made contact the blood squirted at least a foot into the air and started to run down her face. It pretty much tore her ear in half. It wasn’t long after that the ref stopped the fight.

Leslie about 4 days after her ear ruptured

Leslie about 4 days after her ear ruptured



Leslie had to seek medical attention to reconstruct her ear. The cartilage had to reattached and some of the skin remove. She was doing better with in a week.As you can see the ear job went very well and you can’t really tell that she had a surgical procedure.


When the folks at ESPN finally caught up to her she said she is happy to have a little time off. Th only thing is she doesn’t want to be know as the fighter that had her ear explode.

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