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Getting Smart Everywhere and in Everything with the CES

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is held in January of every year. This year, one of the latest news from the CES is a smart toothbrush. Another bit of news from CES is the launch of smart pots for plants. The smart pot makes a lot of sense, if you consider that everything else is getting smart and the automated care of plants should get smarter. That things from CES that are getting smarter include television sets, refrigerators, toys, and drones.

There is nothing inherently wrong with having smart things. In truth, they may not even be smart enough. They have an artificial intelligence (AI), but this is pre-programmed, and in most instances, the user can override the AI. The AI in most things is not designed to be too intelligent, but intelligent enough. It’s like the autocorrect function in most smart phones and tablets. The spelling can be corrected, the AI gives suggestions, and adds new words every time a new word is introduced in a message. However, it does not need to scour the Internet for new words, nor to find out for itself what language is being used. It only needs to correct spelling and to add new words, no matter if the new words are spelled wrongly.

Intelligent Help

Take Google, for instance, or any other search engine, it can only be as intelligent as the web designers want it to be. These companies are more concerned with providing the “right” search results. For Internet marketers, they just have to depend on excellent SEO’s to understand what search engines are doing, and how to get ahead of the competition.

In other news, there is always something new about CES, which is worth a look, by anyone who is interested in electronics, or in consumer products. There was a time when the word electronics was a codeword for “toy for geeks”, something that the guy that owns this hilarious blog was all about.

Evolving and Moving Forward

The CES has evolved a lot from its roots. It should be well to remember that from a hierarchical model, it inherited genes from the computer shows of old. The computers are still there, just that they no longer look like computers. The computers are in every smart something that is on the floor show. Everything from cameras, cell phones, microwave ovens, watches, eyewear, earphones and headsets, GPS and other car accessories are represented in CES. Even toothbrushes are getting the smart treatment. You can get a smart toothbrush, which would tell you if your kid had brushed his teeth enough. You can get a smart pot, to know the health details of your plant. Cameras can tell you if your picture is level, across three axes even.

There are still other shows, and even other electronics shows, like those for toys, guns, military hardware, cars, and almost everything else, but really, these are all computer shows underneath it all.

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