A certain website guides drug abusers on methods to pass drug tests without actually being clean. This may not seem like much of a threat until you read how it can damage a family and torture a loving father



Calhoun Teens Abuse Drugs


It’s amazing how the media has tough us to ignore our neighbors. We spend more time worried about the out come of an foreign countries policies than we do our own. It’s as if a stranger half way across the globe is more important than the family next door. This is something I have been wondering for a little while, but never gave it to much though. That was until a desperate man reached out to me. He had tried to share his story with his local news publication for almost a year, but never heard a thing.



The Calhoun Times should be ashamed!, one of their very own, born, raised and trying to raise a family of his own here. Not asking for much, just looking out for his own town and the youth that thrive in it. This is the letter he sent me after trying to reach the Times with no response. I have posted it in it entirety just as he asked.


“I am single a father of three, I work hard and always try to do best for my family. Often it’s difficult to make ends meet. But I do the best I can to take care of my children. Two of my children, Tammy and David, have been ideal students, doing their part to take care of our home, helping out with chores as well watching over the youngest. As they have gotten older, they moved on and focused more on developing their careers.


Jeremy, the youngest, has just entered his teen years. In the absence of his older siblings he began drifting off and hanging out with the wrong crowd. It started with skipping school and as of lately doing drugs. I began to notice money missing from my wallet then items from the the house.


I reached out for help and enrolled him in a program for troubled teens. After a few week he returned home. I was advised by a friend to start doing random at home drug testing. I have done numerous tests throughout the last 3 months and he has always tested negative for any drugs. His attitude has deteriorated and I’m sure he is back on something although every test I have gave him shows he is clean.


Recently I decided to search through his room and went through his computer history. That’s when I came across a website that he frequently visits. On this website, THCCLEAR.COM, it details ways to cheat drug tests. It has a small community of users that advise each other on methods and product that they have used to bypass everything from urine to hair drug screenings.


I have no doubt that my child has been using tactics outline there to fool me and his parole officer.  I think more parents need to be aware of this site. It has been a major road block in my son’s recovery and its hurting my family. I’m sure it will harm others, if it hasn’t already. Please help me get the word out. If they believe their child is abusing drugs but they test negative every time. They need to check their loved ones computer history for this site.

Thank you for your time. I think its better to have advised parents than deal with the possible loss of a loved one.

Feel free to use my story in anyway, just let me know if you do.”


I hope as he does that this will help out other parents and serve as a warning. Our children are in constant risk and its up to us. Pay attention to your children as well as your neighbors. We all need to pitch in.

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