Australia’s uncertain economic climate continues to impact on business and consumer confidence, evidenced by a continued upward trend in the official unemployment rates since late 2012.

unemployment rates in australia

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The unemployment rate has increased despite the number of new job openings also increasing since March 2012.

According to the ABS, the increase in new job openings has not translated into an unemployment rate decline given that the majority of 36,400 new job openings were part-time positions for women.

According to, the unemployment rate news will do nothing to help  flagging spirits of consumers with the latest  figures showing confidence slumping to its lowest level since August 2011.

With so much uncertainty with employment conditions, and expected upward surge in home based business start-ups is expected and the trend has already began according to leading Australian home business expert Holly Nunan.

“If I was to give the one reason most people are joining my home business opportunity right now, it would certainly be lack of confidence in job security. The current economic climate is making people turn to home based business given that it is a viable income alternative to traditional employment.”

Australian home business news website is also reporting a surge in home business interest with website visits up a reported 17% in the first 10 days of December compared to November data.

More to come.

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