News is all around us, whether it is good or bad, there’s no avoiding it. It may seem like there is nothing but negativity around us, making it feel like our world is crumbling beneath our feet. The news can be depressing, saddening, frustrating, and just all around terrifying. Unfortunately, there are tons of negative side effects that can eat us alive, according to multiple psychologists. The negative news is psychologically hurting us. Luckily, the good news we hear is also affecting us, and here’s how.

It Affects Our Daily Routine

There are many people around the world who are terrified to leave their homes because of the constant bad news or just a general fear, this is called Agoraphobia. If you suffer from this, it’s important that you aren’t stuck inside of a home that is making you sick.


You read all over the internet about silent killers among us such as toxic molds and other toxins that surround us. Humidity is one of these silent stalkers and it lives inside of your home, especially on hot days. Dehumidifiers are ideal for purifying the air and getting rid of the harmful water vapor in the air. If you don’t already have one, you can check out some reviews of dehumidifiers and pick the one that works best for your home.

Reading Newspaper

Reading about all of the negative news would make anyone want to stay cooped up inside of their homes. It’s not the ideal thing to do, but psychologically, you may feel like you have to. If you do, just make sure your home is a safe place for your health.

It Affects Our Mood

The news, depending on what it is, can have a strong impression on our moods. The way we react to it strongly goes with how we react to other people around us. If the news makes us feel sad or angry, we are more likely to react to people in such a manner. We may snap at them or see seemingly harmless events as very harmful events.

On the upside, if we see good news, we are very likely to react to others in a good way. We may feel better about the world around us, respond to something more calmly than we normally do and we may even be inspired to do good deeds as well. One study showed that those who watched or read about instances where people could choose to give or keep their money, were more likely to give up their own money, but only if they were exposed to a good deed.


The news doesn’t always be a scary thing and it certainly isn’t a reason to voluntarily coop yourself up inside of your home. There is plenty of good news being circulated around the world, such as achievements made by local folks, a good weather forecast, or even something good that happened in the community. If you can make yourself focus on the good rather than the bad, you can start each day off on the right foot, not being afraid of what’s around you.

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