Gifts for Gardeners – Interesting Ideas for Anyone with a Green Thumb

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Great gifts for gardeners help them to enjoy their favorite hobby, recover after spending hours with their plants or express their love for gardening while they are taking part in other activities. The list of gardening gifts is long and really only limited by your own imagination. To find the perfect expression of your thoughtful sentiments, consider the individual’s taste and style along with keeping their favorite hobby in mind.

Gardening Tools and Sets

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A high-quality gardening set is a gift that everyone with a green thumb is certain to appreciate. The best kits include a spade, pruners, hori hori knife and one or more small shovels. Consider a kit with ergonomic handles that are soft and comfortable to hold. A case that is easy to carry everything in and not too heavy for a trip to the garden is also beneficial. If an entire kit is simply out of your budget, remember that it is better to buy just one or two tools rather than a lesser quality kit.

Bulb Planters to Save Your Loved One’s Back

For the gardener who is obsessed with bulbs, you simply cannot go wrong with a high-quality bulb planter. This tool is designed to make the perfect sized holes for bulbs even in the hardest dirt. Long handled, drill operated and hand held bulb planters are all commercially available. Using any of these products means less strain on the back during planting season and a happier gardener all year round.

Senior Man Suffering From Back Pain Whilst Gardening

Gifts for Organic Gardeners

Many gardeners are trying more organic practices while enjoying their outdoor hobby, so gifts like compost bins and rain barrels are always appreciated. Composting is a great way to add organic fertilizer to any garden, and a rain barrel allows gardeners to collect water, saving money and preserving natural resources during times when water restrictions are in place or periods of drought. Both of these items are available in a variety sizes and with different features, so it is easy to find them at many price points.

Image of mulch and compost bin in a garden.

Ecological drainage system collects rain water for watering

Planters for Small Spaces

Beautiful colorful idea for small flower pots in home garden where there is not very big space to grow different species.

Beautiful planters accent any indoor or outdoor garden, and they make thoughtful gifts for your favorite gardener. If outdoor space is at a premium, consider hanging planters that attach to fences or railings. Sky planters also serve as conversation pieces and add pizzazz to any smaller outdoor space. For indoor gardeners, choose an herb greenhouse or lighted herb planter to help your gardening friend to get a jump start on spring planting.

Things that Keep Gardeners Comfortable

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In the middle of summer, even a few hours in the garden leave a person feeling overheated and less than appealing. Keep your loved one comfortable with an outdoor misting fan, a wide brimmed hat, sunglasses or a gardener’s tool carrying case that doubles as a seat. Once they return inside, all gardeners also appreciate a quality nail brush, gardener’s soap and a thick, luxurious hand moisturizer to help them wash away the dirt and feel refreshed and renewed.

Memberships – Sharing the Love of Gardening

Not every perfect gift for a gardener is used while planting. Because anyone who loves flowers and blooms also appreciates staying connected with others who feel the same, a conservancy membership or membership to the American Horticulture Society is an ideal gift. These memberships provide education and inspiration and admission to beautiful gardens across the country. Selecting one helps your favorite person to develop their own gardening skills, design a beautiful space and connect with others who share their passion for all that is green.

Jewelry and Home Decorating Gifts for Gardeners

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Gardeners also love excuses to share their passion for plants with others whenever they aren’t spending time digging in the dirt. Garden inspired jewelry and home decorations attract the attention of friends and family and give all gardeners the excuse they need to talk about their bushes, vines and flowering friends. Choose a necklace adorned with sunflowers, a pair of earrings shaped like hummingbirds, decorative pillows with birds and blooms, a morning glory welcome mat for the front door or candles created with the essence of favorite flowers.

Seeds, Seedlings and Kits

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The “when in doubt” gifts for every gardener are seeds or planting kits. From a tree to be kit to a hydroponic tomato garden to sunflower seeds and micro-green or herb kits, you can find all that your gift recipient needs to grow just about anything, just about anywhere. Think about the garden and space that your friend or relative has, and use that information to help you decide on the perfect seed, seedling, kit or plant gift for their home.

Title Garden made of garden tools and plants.

Purchasing a thoughtful, welcomed gift for any gardener isn’t so difficult. With so many options available, it’s easy to find something for everyone, from the novice plant lover to the most accomplished green thumb. Use your imagination, think about the tastes and preferences of the person you are buying for, and when in doubt, turn to seeds or kits that will help them to achieve their perfect garden. You’ll certainly receive a mountain of thanks for a gift that will be appreciated for years to come.



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