Dutch Gardens – Bulbs, Symmetry and Small Spaces

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When struggling with a small plot of land, many homeowners envision a space that is filled with dense gardens filled with colorful blooming flowers and well manicured bushes that draw the eye in and create symmetry. What these homeowners are picturing is commonly known as …..

English Gardens in Your Own Backyard

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If you feel as if London is calling or want to bring a bit of British distinction to your own backyard, a quaint yet sophisticated English garden might be just your style. This gardening style dates back to the first century A.D., and today, it …..

Rock Gardens – A Solution for Challenging Spaces

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If you are struggling with uneven terrain, steep banks and problematic slopes in your backyard, the vision of a perfect garden might seem just outside your reach. With these types of challenges, keeping up a lawn or avoiding pooling water is complicated at best, so …..

Flower Gardens for Beginners

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Every gardener was a beginner at one time. Even the most seasoned professional had a season where she barely knew the difference between a shovel and a spade and had to seriously contemplate whether her flowers preferred sun or shade. If this is your first …..

Indoor Herb Garden Basics to Spice Up Your Recipes

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Whether it’s a dash of cilantro, a pinch of rosemary or a sprinkle of thyme, fresh herbs enhance any dish and transform a boring meal into something extraordinary. A well stocked spice rack is an investment every chef should make, but an even better way …..

Hydroponic Gardening Pros and Cons Explained

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When most people think of gardening, they consider the traditional garden, grown outdoors and comprised of plants and soil. While this method of growing flowers, greenery and produce is popular, it isn’t the right option for a person who lacks outdoor space or finds no …..

Raised Garden Beds Encourage Family Gardening

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If you have a budding gardener under your roof, a raised garden is a wonderful project to take on as a family. This style of gardening involves building a frame and containing soil inside. The soil is built up to a level that is easy …..

Garden Flowers – A Beautiful Addition to Any Landscape

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I love asking my children to draw pictures of gardens. Their imagination runs wild, and they randomly include rainbows, birds, butterflies, sunshine or rain clouds, but they always include lots of blooming flowers. Like my children, most gardeners believe that beautiful, vibrant blooms are a …..