Garden Ideas For Beginners – Creating The Perfect Patch

Ready to Work Gardener. Caucasian Gardener with Garden Tools is About to Start His Work in the Beautiful Garden.

A beautiful garden enhances your life in many ways. It adds value and appeal to your home and provides a hobby and space for your family to enjoy. Nature also has a calming influence, and spending time outdoors promotes health, well-being and concentration.

While the benefits of a garden are indisputable, creating the perfect patch can pose a conundrum for those who have a bit less than a green thumb. Sometimes, simply planning that inviting outdoor space is the most difficult step. The good news is that many before you have tried different tactics, and the most popular have survived and remain popular today. An important tip that we have all learned is to keep in mind how your existing space impacts the garden layout that you might choose and your final perfect patch.



Gardening Ideas for Large Yards

Detail of a beautiful summer garden with an interlocking stone walkway.

Detail of a beautiful summer garden with an interlocking stone walkway.


In larger yards, cohesive planting results in the most beautiful gardens. Remember that your goal is to create an impressive landscape that enhances your home, works for your family and is appealing to spend time in.

How Trees Impact Your Yard

Using trees is an excellent way to enhance a large backyard. If your yard lacks privacy due to nearby neighbors or busy roadways, plant trees of the same species in a mass unit to create a natural barrier and single landscape as the trees mature. Conversely, planting one specimen tree and then another and another spaced several feet apart draws the eye to those areas and creates visual appeal in your yard. Choose trees that are native to the area for the easiest care, and keep in mind that some trees take years to mature and grow to their full size. If cost is not as large a factor, hire an arborist to transplant mature, fully developed trees for instant impact.

Tiered Dimension

To create visual interest in a long yard, add dimension. Plant in tiers with trees and larger shrubs at the back, smaller shrubs and grass in the middle and blooming perennials and annuals closest to your home or deck. Using this method allows all of your plants to be seen and draws the eye in a similar fashion as gazing out into the distant horizon. For added appeal, mix hardscaping, large pots or a water feature into your backyard plan.

Vegetables, Fruits and Companion Planting 

An expansive vegetable garden is a wonderful addition to any large yard. Vines of tomatoes, varieties of lettuce and crops of cucumbers, carrots and herbs make for a vibrantly colorful garden that is fragrant and has the added advantage of feeding your family. Even in a larger yard, start with a smaller vegetable garden and explore the advantages of companion planting and organic practices to naturally and safely ward off diseases and pests. With time, learn and grow with your garden to create a larger space that further enhances your yard and provides a gathering place for your family to learn, discover and enjoy.

Opportunities for Smaller Spaces

Beautiful colorful idea for small flower pots in home garden where there is not very big space to grow different species.

Beautiful colorful idea for small flower pots in home garden where there is not very big space to grow different species.

For apartment dwellers and those who reside on smaller lots, the dream of growing a beautiful garden need not be lost. Simply modify your choice of plants, design and layout in order to create a tranquil space in any sized yard or even if you have no yard at all.

Creative Uses for Vertical Spaces

Start to design your space by thinking vertically. Choose climbing vines planted against trellises, repurposed wood beams, walls or even an unusual object like a shoe organizer to create privacy and visual appeal in urban settings. Simply choose a spot that gets enough sunlight for the variety of plant you have selected, and make sure to water and fertilize regularly for optimum health.

Container Gardening

Container gardening is another great way to create visual interest in small spaces. This type of gardening involves planting bushes, blooming flowers, dwarf trees and fruits or vegetables in small containers instead of directly in the earth. Get creative and mix traditional, purchased pots with common household items like kitchen pots and pans, glass milk jugs, buckets or even a kiddy pool. Just make sure to drill holes in the bottom of any handmade containers for proper drainage. Containers can be moved for optimum sunlight, transported easily should you move and even brought indoors in freezing temperatures.

Tiered Gardening in Smaller Spaces

Tiered gardening of a different sort also works well for small spaces. To create your own, choose a few terracotta planters, and stack them against a wall, deck railing or the side of your house. For a larger garden, add more stacks, and for a smaller garden, limit yourself to two or three. Once stacked, choose an easy to care for variety of flowers, herbs or greenery to place in each planter. Prune your flowers regularly to manage their shape and size in order to create the most stunning impact and the healthiest plants.

Colorful pots with pretty flowers, outside in the garden.

Colorful pots with pretty flowers, outside in the garden.

In closing, remember that gardening is a bit of an art form, but it really can work in any space. With a little creativity and some expert advice, you can create your perfect patch regardless of where you live or how big or small your plot of land is. Consider this site as your starting place, put a few of our ideas to work, share some of your own thoughts and be sure to check back in and let us know what worked or didn’t work¬†for you.