How To Be A Celebrity Makeup Artist & What School To Go To

How To Be A Celebrity Makeup Artist & What School To Go To


makeup artist applying makeup to a model

For some makeup artists the main reason they go to makeup artist school for their training is so that they will eventually get to do makeup for celebrities and stars. That’s the dream anyway – hobnobbing with the “in-crowd” and the latest “it” girl. But is it really all that it is cracked up to be? Let’s find out.

Mario Dedivanovic has recently been in the news as Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist. He is, however, in demand by many A-list celebs including Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry. So how did he get to be so sought-after?

On Mario’s website, his bio states that he became a makeup artist almost by accident! As he was working in the beauty industry as a fragrance consultant he was mistaken for a makeup professional. Though he had little training with makeup at the time and hadn’t been to makeup school he went along with it and gave advice the best could. After finding he had a knack for makeup — as well as a passion for it — he began assisting more experienced artists and did so for six years until he felt ready to start on his own. So, unlike many who start with a solid education with plenty of makeup classes and mentoring in a school setting, he opted for what could best be described as a makeup apprenticeship.

He also advises totally immersing yourself in information about the industry. Research what has happened in the past/the history of the field so that you can know how things got to be the way they are. What are the products you will be working with? Learn about them inside out and back to front.

What else? Persistence. Mario didn’t have anything his success handed to him on a silver platter. He states that he had many rejections over many years but didn’t give up because of his enthusiasm and love for his work. Learning through adversity, and persistence are key to anyone’s success in any endeavour including the beauty industry. So the answer to the question “Which makeup artist school should I go to?” could be answered by saying that what is most important is not the school but the effort and enthusiasm with which you approach your studies.

So is it all it is cracked up to be? It seems Mario’s answer is a resounding “yes”! Who wouldn’t want to be a highly recognized professional in one’s chosen vocation with the admiration of peers and clients? If you are doing what you love and getting recognition and making a very good living at it all at the same time then you have no reason not be on top of the world at least when it comes to your professional life.

So, in summary, in the world of makeup artistry, you’ll gain success and recognition by celebrities and others with a mixture of hard work, passion, persistence and, in the end, a little luck. But how does the old saying go? “I’m a great believer in luck. The harder I work, the more of it I seem to have.”

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Saving Your iPhone From Water Damage

Saving Your iPhone From Water Damage

The Day my iPhone Decided To Try Out Swimming in a Puddle

Saving Unlocked iPhone from Water Damage

Image Credit:

I have learned a lot in life, yet somehow, life just doesn’t seem to want to stop giving me lessons to learn.

The latest stunt I had to overcome is when I accidentally dropped by recently unlocked iPhone in a puddle of mud. I spent so much research time in finding a website ran by perfect people that can successfully unlock an iPhone, and yet, there it was, swimming in a puddle.

As this event proves, it is not only our homes that are prone to water damage.

If you find yourself in a situation like I did, then you can follow these steps that might just save your iPhone, as it saved mine.

Saving Your iPhone from Water Damage

Every second counts, and the first thing you have to QUICKLY do is remove your iPhone from the water source. I cannot stress enough how QUICKLY means QUICKLY in this scenario.

Once you have your phone, you must turn it off immediately. Just hold down the power button for the longest time you’ve ever done in your entire iPhone experience, and hope and wait that it shuts off despite water exposure.

remove everything you can remove – casing, screen protectors, and another thing that might add to trapping water inside the iPhone. Of course, remove accessories as well and unplug it from any cable like headsets, usb, and powerbanks.

Wipe off any visible water you see on the phone. Use your shirt, socks, towel, or whatever is available to use to dry off the iPhone. Wipe the entire thing, form the screen to the sides and the back, the power button, menu button, card slots, volume buttons, microphones and speakers, audio jack and everywhere else possible.

If by any chance there is available Q-tip, then use it to clean out the water from smaller areas like the audio jacks. If no Q-tip is available, be creative. Use pen tips and wrap them in a small fiber or cotton and try to reach those small crevices.

Now, when you have gotten rid of as much water as you can, prepare some rice and put it inside a ziplock bag, or any airtight bag. Any type of rice will do, just don’t choose “enriched” rice because the “enriching” substance might just replace the water and be the one to reside your iPhone. Of course, enriched rice still works, but knowing that this will leave white residues on your screen, in the audio jack, and wherever possible it would be to squeeze in, then why choose it, right?

Saving Unlocked iPhone From Water Damage

Image Credit:

You will have to place the iPhone inside the rice-filled airtight bag, and wait for at least 36 hours before you can take the iPhone out and try if you were quick enough to save it from completely getting damaged by water. If you have the patience for it, and if you think that the water damage was really big, then you can extend your waiting time to 48 hours. This will make more certain that all the water inside the iPhone has been absorbed by rice.

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Nikon PROSTAFF II Released

Nikon PROSTAFF II Released

Nikon has recently announced its Pro Staff Rimfire II line-up of rifle scopes, designed to address the needs of the popular rimfire .22 long range calibre. The leading sports optics manufacturer has recognized the popularity of the rimfire calibers which are loved by hunters across the world for their intuitive usability and extreme accuracy, resulting in the new Prostaff Rimfire II, the ideal optic for long range huntung that combines Nikon’s Fully multi-coated optical system with the BDC 150 reticle that is specifically designed for rimfire rifles.

Nikon continues to release excellent rifle scopes in any price range and the Rimfire II is no exception. If you are looking for something on the higher end I suggest you take a look at some reviews online to find the best rifle scope in your price range.


One of the highlights of this rifle scope is the BDC 150 reticle that has been built specifically for use with rimfires. It allows the shooter to compensate for bullet drop at very long ranges. The unique see-through circles incorporated into this reticle lend the shooter a unique advantage for long range shots while also allowing a normal viewing experience for short range encounters where the crosshair itself becomes the aiming point. The Rimfire II scopes also feature Nikon’s signature fully multicoated optical system that packs several layers of anti-reflective compounds on each glass surface, yielding bright and vivid pictures along with excellent light transmission from dawn through dusk. Also present are spring loaded instant zero-reset turrets that make field adjustments a breeze. All the shooter needs to do is sight in the usual way, then lift the scope’s spring loaded adjustment knob, rotate it to their ‘zero’ and resume shooting. Thanks to this particular feature, the shooter can easily make adjustments in the field by simply dialing in their subsequent ranges.

Other notable features of this new rifle scope are consistent, generous eye relief that ensures the safety of your brow, even when you’re shooting with heavy cartridges, lightweight rifles or at severe shooting angles. The scope is also shockproof, fogproof and waterproof – it is Nitrogen purged and O-ring sealed to ensure that you can take it with you on the roughest of adventures.

What steals the show however, is the inclusion of Nikon’s patented Spot On Ballistic Match Technology. Just like all other riflescopes from the manufacturer, the Prostaff Rimfire II also utilizes this technology to enable the shooter to find out all of the precise aiming points on their scope’s reticle at different distances, in relation to their particular loading and ammunition. The Spot On program has its very own app available too – it works with both Android and iOS devices, and ensures that you’ve got the world’s best ballistic calculator at your fingertips. The Spot On Customer Turret program even allows you to order custom turrets for your riflescope according to your ammo, atmospheric conditions and other factors so you’ve got the ideal sight enhancement for your rifle.

The Prostaff Rimfire II is covered by Nikon’s standard No-Fault Repair/Replacement Policy for Binoculars, Riflescopes and Fieldscopes, which is a testament to their dedication for performance, quality and customer satisfaction. The scope is also covered by Nikon’s Limited Lifetime Warranty which means they’ll replace or repair your scope if any faults in workmanship or materials are discovered.

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Herbal Viagra and the Alternative to Big Pharma

Herbal Viagra and the Alternative to Big Pharma

Herbal Viagra and the Alternative to Big Pharma

embaressment over erectile dysfunction


Simply by writing this post I feel like I’m in a room full of thousands of people and they are all staring at me…….Why? Because I did have ED for many years.

With the recent hoopla over Lamar Odom and herbal viagra, I figured it was time for me to speak out.

It’s one of those things that most guys would take to their grave. I had it for probably 4 years before I would ever talk about it. I finally realized that it if I ever wanted help I would have to. When I did open up about it wasn’t as bad as I thought. People were (thankfully) very understanding, to my face at least. I realized that it is a lot more common than I ever realized and now am part of a support group that is great for dealing with issues.

With the confession out of the way, now I can talk about my treatment options and maybe help anyone that is in the same situation I am. First off, I really enjoy eating healthy, doing high intense weight training and just keeping my mind overall focused on making good choices instead of bad about food and exercise. So going straight to the doctor and asking for Viagra wasn’t my first thought, thankfully. I wanted a more natural way.

Enter Musli. Musli is an all natural libido enhancer that has been around for centuries. I was instantly skeptical, thinking it was some sort of fake potion that was preying on people like me that choose a more homeopathic approach to health. After the scanning through the 300+ reviews that were 95% positive I knew something had to be legit about it. Musli
also offers a 100% money-back guarantee so I figured I couldn’t go wrong.


I will spare the intimate details, but I can say that I was very happy with the results. This product did exactly as it described and I am able to perform as I did in my twenties, before I had ED. There has never been any “lasting effects” for hours and hours that prescription pills warn of. I can’t see any reason why I would need anything else because it would just seem unnatural.

ED is something that seems to be here to stay, for me. Some have said that it is purely mental but I just can’t see how that is the case with me. With that being said, I do have to take Musli on as “as needed” basis. For me, this isn’t a problem at all. After all, I’m not in my twenties.

I will say, I have an unnamed friend that swears by Erectile Dysfunction Rememdium. It is also an all natural alternative but one that incorporates food and other lifestyle choices. There is a 60-day money back guarantee with it as well. I’ve yet to try it myself but will probably do so in the near future.

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Top 4 Eco-friendly Holidays

Top 4 Eco-friendly Holidays

Ecotourism isn’t a very recent idea – Hector Ceballos-Lascurain used it originally back in July 1983. He made popular the idea of vacation packages which help both the local ecology and the economy.

Even though eco-tourism is frequently linked to traveling to exotic destinations in tropical settings in foreign countries, there are, in fact, many ways by which you can become in eco-tourist without having to leave North America!

Here are 4 great eco-friendly vacations that you can enjoy without changing continents:

#1 Take a trip to a National Park



If you’re having for an eco-friendly tour, why not make it a National Park trip? It will be both patriotic and friendly to the planet!

There are national parks present throughout Canada and the US, so you won’t have to travel especially far to get to one. National parks today generate millions of dollars worth revenue which goes on to finance the preservation efforts for the countries natural beauty and scenery.

National parks will give you pure, unadulterated natural vistas to feast your eyes on, and you’ll be able to connect with nature in a way that guided tours simply can’t offer.

#2 Go Camping


There ís no need to dish out $300 each night for a stay at a big time fancy hotel, when you can simply set up a tent and enjoy the night underneath the stars, being at peace with Gaia.

There are private and public camping grounds available throughout North America that you can avail for this. These camping grounds will let you experience camping in a safe, controlled setting but if you’re partial to a particular location, make sure you book in advance since camping grounds are often completely filled during the main tourist season.

You can also camp over at national parks in Canada. I personally prefer camping with minimal gear to experience the back to the wilds feeling of survival and adventure. Pack only the necessities such as a portable tent, emergency electronics, camping utilities, and a durable air mattress.

#3 Work at a WOOF farm

Don’t be put off by the name – it doesn’t really mean a farm for dogs! It is a setup for individuals that want to spend their energy supporting a cause called Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms.

Volunteering at a WOOF farm will get you food and lodging. There are such farms scattered all across the US and it is quite likely that there is one close to you as well.

#4 Go on a biking trip


Biking is an excellent form of exercise, besides being a popular green transport. Of course it’s possible to put on your helmet and hit the road close to your own house, but biking on a trail has a sense of thrill and adventure of its own.

You can have a buddy come with you and have a little competition on the trail – that’s what I do anyways. You can find bike trails everywhere, ranging from pave roadways (easy) to steep, rugged paths (hard). Some trails are exclusively for bikers whereas others you’ll have to share with backpackers and other traffic.

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How to Get a Fuller Figure

How to Get a Fuller Figure

Curves are Back

This is How You Can Get a Fuller Figure

Bigger Butts are in. Stars Like Nikki Minaj have lead the way for fuller women

Most women have been through that ‘weight loss phase”, where they spend tons of time, effort and even money trying to lose weight. Being skinny was in and celebrity models like Kate Moss were plastered all over the television screen. Everyone wanted to be skinnier that a rail. Not today, woman now is more comfortable with their body and shape.


Woman can take pride in the curves and contours. Curves are in!, They can make a girl more attractive to men and look more feminine. Just as with any fad the models and celebrities have set the trend. Singers like Nicki Minaj and models such as Kim Kardashian have lead the way for thicker, full figure woman. So, how do you get started and achieve that great curvy body?


Don’t Just Eat Junk Food

Sometimes it’s not as easy as just eating a ton of junk food. After all, you don’t just want to gain weight, you want the weight in all the right places. It may come easy for some girls, eat a cheeseburger and the fat goes right to the hips. For others, it might not be so direct. The fat collects around the waist and belly, they don’t seem to really gain around the hips, butt and thighs. Even worse, girls like me with a really fast metabolism don’t seem to gain weight at all. To be completely honest, if I did gain any weight, it always went to my belly.


Men Are Attracted to Thicker Women

If you’re desperate for curves and suffer from a fast metabolism or don’t gain any weight at the right spots, there is hope. I have found and tried out a great system for getting a bigger butt, wider hips and just more girly curves. After about a month of following along and taking all the advice from the guides. I have managed to finally see results.

Men want a girl with some curves.

Women have had it all wrong. Men want a girl with some curves.

Not only have I not been eating enough, I have never been eating right. Yeah, There are certain food that can help a girl get a fatter booty. So, if you’re a skinny girl like me, you have to give it a shot. A Long with the right diet, a good exercise routine needs to be in place. You can’t just start putting on the pounds without telling your body where you want the fat to go. For me, I needed, wanted wider hips and a rounder behind. So I started to hit the gym hard. Not really too hard, I made sure to follow the workout routine for a bubble butt with a few wider exercises and it started to work. Maybe after a month or so I started to get compliments on my new perky butt!


OK, so this is where I usually fail, stomach fat! Like I said before, If I gain any weight it’s on the belly! So, of course, moving into this routine, I kind of was worried. Eating a bunch of carbs was never my thing. Besides a little rice every now and then, I avoided carbohydrates like the plague. So eating just one sweet potato a day seemed like a deal breaker, good thing I’m So determined. I took it one day at a time and used my fat callipers to keep track of any tummy fat. It did seem to grow a bit, but it may be hard to tell. Most fluctuations can just be water retention. Especially with so many more carbs added to my diet. Luckily, I knew that and kept on going.

My Verdict on The ButBuildr Program

After about 2 months, I can say it works. My body looks thicker, my butt is bigger and my hips are curved. All that plus my stomach has remained flat! I am finally able to maintain a health body fat percentage.


So, if you’re skinny and want to get more curves, I definitely recommend the ButtBuildr Program.

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