Instant Coffee Boom, Australia Leading The Way

It’s no secret that coffee is big business. Even as far back as 2002, over 2.2 billion cups of coffee are consumed each and every day, according to an Elsevier Science Ltd report.

More recently, the industry has boomed. The US coffee industry has been fueled by coffee giant Starbucks and the coffee surge has flourished across developed nations.

Australians are leading the way, according to a recent Washington Post article:

Australians like the stuff more than anyone else—instant coffee accounts for over 75 percent of retail brewed coffee consumed in Australia and New Zealand, the highest percentage registered for any region.

According to a Datamonitor report, hot beverage sales are experiencing massive growth, surpassing $1.4 billion in 2013.

Sales of hot drink products in Australia surpassed $1350 million in 2008 and are expected to be worth $1473 million in 2013, with the coffee category accounting for the largest share followed by tea, according to Datamonitor’s report Hot drinks in Australia to 2013…

Although demand for roast coffee is growing, the at-home coffee category is still dominated by instant coffee, accounting for more than 80% of the total Australian coffee sales. Nestlé, Cantarella and Sara Lee together account for more than two-thirds of the total coffee sales in volume. Datamonitor forecasts the at-home coffee market to reach $798 million by 2013.

The rise of the global coffee market has spurned the establishment and rapid growth of coffee franchising businesses and more recently, network marketing companies, such as Organo Gold, that are using the multi-level marketing business model to tap into the home instant coffee market.

Australian entrepreneurs are also riding the instant coffee wave, with coffee cart hire alternative start-up tackling the coffee cart hire industry with an alternative option; gourmet instant coffee that can be served at events and fairs for reasonable prices, without the need bulky coffee cart or coffee vans.

The demand is skyrocketing and people just want great tasting coffee in whatever form they can get it. What EzyCoffee is doing is just capitalizing on Australia’s insatiable appetite for coffee.

2014 consumption figures should be available in the second quarter of 2015.

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Australia Facing Continued Unemployment Surge

Australia Facing Continued Unemployment Surge

Australia’s uncertain economic climate continues to impact on business and consumer confidence, evidenced by a continued upward trend in the official unemployment rates since late 2012.

unemployment rates in australia

Image Source

The unemployment rate has increased despite the number of new job openings also increasing since March 2012.

According to the ABS, the increase in new job openings has not translated into an unemployment rate decline given that the majority of 36,400 new job openings were part-time positions for women.

According to, the unemployment rate news will do nothing to help  flagging spirits of consumers with the latest  figures showing confidence slumping to its lowest level since August 2011.

With so much uncertainty with employment conditions, and expected upward surge in home based business start-ups is expected and the trend has already began according to leading Australian home business expert Holly Nunan.

“If I was to give the one reason most people are joining my home business opportunity right now, it would certainly be lack of confidence in job security. The current economic climate is making people turn to home based business given that it is a viable income alternative to traditional employment.”

Australian home business news website is also reporting a surge in home business interest with website visits up a reported 17% in the first 10 days of December compared to November data.

More to come.

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Calhoun Times Ignores Fathers Plea For Help

Calhoun Times Ignores Fathers Plea For Help

A certain website guides drug abusers on methods to pass drug tests without actually being clean. This may not seem like much of a threat until you read how it can damage a family and torture a loving father



Calhoun Teens Abuse Drugs


It’s amazing how the media has tough us to ignore our neighbors. We spend more time worried about the out come of an foreign countries policies than we do our own. It’s as if a stranger half way across the globe is more important than the family next door. This is something I have been wondering for a little while, but never gave it to much though. That was until a desperate man reached out to me. He had tried to share his story with his local news publication for almost a year, but never heard a thing.



The Calhoun Times should be ashamed!, one of their very own, born, raised and trying to raise a family of his own here. Not asking for much, just looking out for his own town and the youth that thrive in it. This is the letter he sent me after trying to reach the Times with no response. I have posted it in it entirety just as he asked.


“I am single a father of three, I work hard and always try to do best for my family. Often it’s difficult to make ends meet. But I do the best I can to take care of my children. Two of my children, Tammy and David, have been ideal students, doing their part to take care of our home, helping out with chores as well watching over the youngest. As they have gotten older, they moved on and focused more on developing their careers.


Jeremy, the youngest, has just entered his teen years. In the absence of his older siblings he began drifting off and hanging out with the wrong crowd. It started with skipping school and as of lately doing drugs. I began to notice money missing from my wallet then items from the the house.


I reached out for help and enrolled him in a program for troubled teens. After a few week he returned home. I was advised by a friend to start doing random at home drug testing. I have done numerous tests throughout the last 3 months and he has always tested negative for any drugs. His attitude has deteriorated and I’m sure he is back on something although every test I have gave him shows he is clean.


Recently I decided to search through his room and went through his computer history. That’s when I came across a website that he frequently visits. On this website, THCCLEAR.COM, it details ways to cheat drug tests. It has a small community of users that advise each other on methods and product that they have used to bypass everything from urine to hair drug screenings.


I have no doubt that my child has been using tactics outline there to fool me and his parole officer.  I think more parents need to be aware of this site. It has been a major road block in my son’s recovery and its hurting my family. I’m sure it will harm others, if it hasn’t already. Please help me get the word out. If they believe their child is abusing drugs but they test negative every time. They need to check their loved ones computer history for this site.

Thank you for your time. I think its better to have advised parents than deal with the possible loss of a loved one.

Feel free to use my story in anyway, just let me know if you do.”


I hope as he does that this will help out other parents and serve as a warning. Our children are in constant risk and its up to us. Pay attention to your children as well as your neighbors. We all need to pitch in.

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It is Acknowledged: T-Mobile Triumphed in the iPhone 6 Launch

It is Acknowledged: T-Mobile Triumphed in the iPhone 6 Launch

iPhone 6 Launch Catapults T-Mobile



Once Apple unveiled iPhone 6 units, it triggered the standard fight by cellular providers to poach one another’s consumers. New phones are among the easiest ways for companies to attract individuals, which this year continues to be certainly frantic. The newest iPhones have been viewed as a extremely large enhancement, all four service providers had been preparing massive launches for the the very first time, and it’s also currently easier than ever for purchasers to change service providers without having to contend with a financial punishment.

T-Mobile’s newest report ensure it is quite distinct who triumphed. The business submitted the most impressive customer development in its history, adding more 1.4 million postpaid clients to the T-Mobile model within the quarter. In October, the very first full 30 days of iPhone revenue, 2.4 individuals left a opponent to sign up T-Mobile for each T-Mobile defector. The largest transfer originated from Sprint, the 2nd member of the cellular industry’s junior varsity level, which in turn routed 2.5 people to T-Mobile for every T-Mobile convert it received. T-Mobile also attracted greater than 2.2 clients provided by AT&T and Verizon for every one it suddenly lost.

“There’s a fallacy in the the industry that AT&T and Verizon are going to sit where they are, and Sprint and T-Mobile are going to beat one another over the head,” said John Legere, T-Mobile’s ceo, while in a phone call with shareholders on Tuesday. The only real reason behind modesty all around the iPhone kick off, he stated, was the expectations that T-Mobile would keep having difficulty maintaining the iPhone readily available all through The fall. The much bigger iPhone 6 Plus will certainly encounter supply constraints a lot longer.

Many individuals predicted T-Mobile to emerge ahead this fall season. It really has been outpacing its competition it introduced its “Uncarrier” marketing campaign, which strives to turned around this sort of fixtures of the cellular business as two-year agreements. It makes sense that a network system with much less iPhone customers has much more to achieve and much less to not win compared to network systems with a lot more of them.

However the problem with T-Mobile hasn’t been regarding being able to increase buyers. The upstart service provider has developed hardships to acquire the legions of converts, and Legere is battling with the belief that T-Mobile and Sprint are simply carrying out the exact same thing: undercutting larger rivals on the selling price. Which has been Sprint’s specific technique, and it’s most likely required since the organization freely confesses that the network system lags right behind the ones from AT&T and Verizon. T-Mobile has additionally given up income in hostile search for buyers, but whenever he speaks to shareholders Legere insists in more detail that T-Mobile is pricing consumers more when compared to the past. That’s a somewhat uncomfortable spot for a guy who has catered his public persona as being the foul-mouthed voice of the typical guy battling with faceless cellular phone businesses.

In fact, T-Mobile demanded more than ever before previously quarter. The typical payment due to the consumers had been $49.84, up somewhat from last year. Campaigns associated with the christmas season and the innovative iPhone will certainly cheaper prices for the remainder of the year, however T-Mobile states they are going to start increasing once again by the new year.

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Robot Writers Coming Soon To a Newspaper Near You

Robot Writers Coming Soon To a Newspaper Near You

 Robot Writers?

robot writer

I can certainly comprehend the teeth gnashing which followed the AP’s story that they intend to begin using robot writers to publish virtually all U.S. corporate and business earnings stories. Bots appear to draw out the Luddite in us all. The thing I can’t seem to comprehend is the reason why anybody outside a handful of of people would desire to preserve the jobs which will inevitably be lost to this particular new type of automation.

In truth, the AP says there won’t be any jobs eliminated. “This is about using technology to free journalists to do more lip servicejournalism and less data processing, not about eliminating jobs,” said Lou Ferrara, VP and managing editor, via the AP blog. You better bet that robots will get rid of reporting jobs in the foreseeable future. Remember that machines replaced human typesetters. There’s a word for it, efficiency, and job reduction is the consequences, like it or not.

Most of the job impact would actually end up being felt abroad. This is the same place the menial work have previously migrated. Robot writers in India and also the Philippines should enhance their abilities to keep on getting work from American and European publishers. Newspaper writers in home based offices will have to up their skills also, and that is a positive thing.

What is not very good is protecting jobs which consume time and editors’ focus. In a recent assignment, I worked alongside a tech news website which uses a small staff of experienced writers but that gets the majority of their articles coming from an overseas business which rewrites press announcements and news using other websites. The journalists that write this particular fish food earn about four cents per word, overpaid if you ask me.

Stories arrive filled with grammar errors, and lots are lacking basic facts and explanations. Expert editors invest several hours robot writersevery day correcting these types of errors and trying to teach the writers, but it’s only wasted time simply because the majority of them don’t make it past a few months on the job in any case. These types of duties can be automated, and lots of them will be. The end result is going to be a higher quality of work for everybody associated.

Will the news stories that robot writers create end up being as good as the ones that human beings write? Who knows. The one thing that is absolutely certain is the quality of robot writers will improve as time passes. Just take a look at Google and how their algorithms have evolved over just the last few years.

The human writers that accept this movement will learn to make use of their metal and plastic sidekicks as researchers and fact-checkers. Robotics could eventually help to make journalism a more fulfilling occupation, however it will for sure cost jobs. The question is, do we want more convenience, more efficiency, more profits? I guess it all depends on who you ask.

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Poof! ATTs congestion vanishes for new clients

Poof! ATTs congestion vanishes for new clients



AT&T yesterday started featuring “double the data for the same price” to fresh customers and current customers that sign brand new contracts, evidently failing to remember that their network is so overloaded that speeds have to be throttled when too much data is used.

Just like other cell providers, AT&T slows down the data transfer speeds of particular customers when the network istom overloaded. This kind of network supervision can be a unfortunate requirement that may help the majority of customers if it’s used to make certain that everyone is able to connect to their network. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler argued, the carriers’ discerning administration of throttling demonstrates that it is possible that it’s being utilized to increase revenue by pushing customers toward more expensive plans.

ATTs congestion, AKA throttling, just pertains to users with “dated unlimited-data plans,” the sorts of customers which AT&T really wants to drive onto restricted plans together with overage charges. Initially, the throttling had been added as soon as users passed 3Gigabytes or 5 Gigabytes in the month no matter if the network had been congested. In the month of July, AT&T altered its policy to ensure that throttling just affects those users from time to time and in locations when the network is definitely congested, reported by an AT&T representative. The 3 Gigabyte and 5 Gigabyte thresholds, with the higher one applicable to LTE devices, were unrevised.

Use the Internet Archive’s WayBack Machine to determine that, all through the month of June, AT&T throttled unlimited customers whether their network had been congested or not. The website, both then as well as currently, promotes heavy data customers to change to a tiered or shared data plan. AT&T states that over 80% of their postpaid smartphone customers are on limited data plans.

AT&T’s throttling affects unlimted data customers even if they prefer to use much less data compared to subscribers onthrottle restricted plans. Brand new AT&T customers that purchase Mobile Value Share plans can usually get 15 Gigabytes to 50 Gigabytes of data monthly for 2 to 10 lines. Under the new marketing campaign, much like one released by Sprint, AT&T is increasing that to 30 Gigabytes to 100 Gigabytes for the identical cost for new customers which register before the end of October. The extra data continues to be on subscribers’ accounts till they will sign a fresh contract.

At the cheapest price, this could work out to as low as 3 Gigabytes for each user whenever customers share 30 Gigabytes across Ten lines, or 15 Gigabytes for each user for customers which share the identical 30 Gigabytes across two phone lines. At 100GB shared, every user will get between 10 Gigabytes to 50 Gigabytes depending upon how many lines the data will be distributed across.

This is not to state that the package is not a good one, comparatively speaking. Had you been planning to sign up with AT&T anyhow, you may as well get it done during a marketing campaign that gives much more data yet at the identical price.

AT&T’s capability to provide much more unthrottled data to brand new subscribers than it offers to its oldest customers, those who specifically pay for unlimited data, demonstrates exactly how arbitrary the boundaries are. (AT&T may reduce limited users’ speeds on overloaded cell sites for all we know, however the company’s PR statement is that just unlimited users are throttled.)

Be aware that this “congestion” does not take place whenever you double a shared 15 Gigabyte data plan to 30 Gigabtye, or perhaps a 20 Gigabyte plan to 40 Gigabyte, or even a 30 Gigabyte plan to 60 Gigabtye, or a 40 Gigabyte plan to 80Gigabyte, or a 50 Gigabyte plan to 100 Gigabyte. It does not happen should you allow both new and existing customers maintain a double data from now on, or perhaps at least until finally they alter their existing plan.

Simply, “network congestion” just occurs with Unlimited Data Plans bandwidth capped at 5 Gigabytes.

Verizon Wireless in July began throttling unlimited data users’ plans that had LTE products, just like it had already did vzwith older technology 3G users. Responding, Wheeler demanded that Verizon give a “rationale for treating customers differently based on the type of data plan to which they subscribe, rather than network architecture or technological factors.”

Verizon replied that the guidelines are necessary to provide customers on unlimited plans an “incentive to limit usage.” People that have limited plans and encounter overage fees should they exceed the limits already have these incentives, carriers argue.

Verizon furthermore remarked that its guidelines are much like those carried out by other companies, but Wheeler did not agree with that argument.

“‘All the kids do it’ was never something that worked for me when I was growing up,” Wheeler quipped following an FCC meeting.

Wheeler said he was researching all of the carriers’ throttling methods however has not yet stated if he’ll propose brand new guidelines on data throttling.

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