Zika Virus: Obama Administration Request $1.8 Billion Funding For Vaccine

Zika Virus: Obama Administration Request $1.8 Billion Funding For Vaccine

Zika Virus Vaccine

President Obama Asks Congress To Allocate Funds For Zika Virus Vaccine (Photo: Twitter/WhiteHouse)

With the growing concern on the explosion of Zika Virus, President Barack Obama has asked the congress to allocate $1.8 billion in emergency funds for research on a cure and a vaccine.

The most affected areas by the virus are South and Central America, and the Caribbean. And although it is not as lethal as other recent viruses (e.g. Ebola), it is gaining attention because it greatly affects pregnant women, with the effects manifesting on the babies upon birth.

Obama made great emphasis on vaccine production, with $200 million of the said Zika emergency fund to be exclusive on the research, development and commercialization of new vaccines and diagnostic test for the virus, In the United States and abroad, according to Reuters.

Even until today, it is still fairly difficult for scientists to make a vaccine good enough to be approved by the different requirements and standards that the government has set. It usually takes several years for a single vaccine to be fully announced effective and safe.

Today, vaccines must meet many more government benchmarks before drug makers bring it to market. It takes several years of lab research for scientists to figure out what the antigen is to stop a disease.

In the case of Zika, it is unlikely the epidemic will be over any time soon so a vaccine can be very helpful. As it spreads explosively all over the southern Americas and all over the world, World Health Organization scientists are projecting that three to four million people will be infected by the virus in America, this year alone.

Zika’s risk seems restrained to pregnant women whose unborn babies develop a birth defect called microcephaly – a rare neurological condition in which an infant’s head is significantly smaller than how it normally should be. Zika is also linked to Gullian-Barre, another neurological disease that results in the paralyses of the affected person. But none of these are conclusive yet, with the relationship based on the increased number of Zika infections and microcephaly cases in Brazil, according to CNN.

“Protecting Americans, particularly children, from communicable diseases is a high priority for everyone,” said McConnell Deputy Chief of Staff Don Stewart. “Congress would consider the emergency funding proposal, but in the context of larger budget and given limited federal resources, we expect the administration will brief Congress on their funding priorities at the briefing,” Stewart added.

Asked how the government would pay for the $1.8 billion plan, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said, “Those are the kinds of things Congress will have to work out,” USA Today reported.

While people await for a solution to Zika, a lot of issues on travels have been raised, especially with the upcoming Olympic Games that is set to happen in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, which is one of the countries majorly affected by the virus. The United States Olympic Committee has told athletes and staff that they should consider skipping the event if they have health concerns about Zika, according Washington Business Journal.

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Georgia’s New Cocaine Problem

Georgia’s New Cocaine Problem


The drug problem is nothing new to Georgians, we have been through the worst of it, at least we thought. Local news seems to have put more focus on the recent boom in drug related crimes. It may not be just for ratings and selling ad space. In the past 6 months we have seen a dramatic upswing. Most petty crimes and convictions, the difference this time is that almost every offender is under the influence or possession of narcotics.

Once known as an the “elite” drug of choice, Cocaine seems to play a major role in the recent burst of crimes. Its elite status has morphed into the major force behind low level criminal activity.

An example would be the recent traffic stop that lead to arrest. During a regular traffic check, deputies in Calhoun conducted a the routine background check to find, Kendall Donta was under warranty and in possession of Cocaine. He was taken in without incident and charged with trafficking.

Cocaine distribution is a family affair. In one case, a 6 month long investigation not only lead to changes for the perpetrator but also the arrest of his mother. Milo Mumford was under intense investigation for quite some time. Under suspicion of cocaine trafficking and weapon possession. The authorities were able to seize drugs, guns, cash and Renae Mumford, Milo’s mother. Milo managed to evade police and is still on the run.


Is this a Potential Cocaine Epidemic?


It’s not the scale of the crimes that’s frightening, it’s their rate of growth. Cocaine is one of the most addictive drugs out and it can easily be converted to Crack. Crack is know to be 10x more addictive and cheaper. Most Cocaine addicts turn to crack as an easy to get alternative.

So how can we slow down or stop the rise in addiction? By raising drug awareness and creating available rehab programs. There once was a time when crack was not just a local problem, it affected the entire American continent. This problem arose after the cocaine boom had peaked.

At that transition, cocaine addict became crack addicts and petty crimes became violent. This was all happened under the noses of the authorities and DEA. While they were distracted with cocaine trafficking, crack was born and spread like wildfire. The only lesson we have learned from the “war on drugs” is that education and rehabilitation works better than arrests.

By raising awareness in public schools, young children learned the dangers of addiction. They knew what drugs were, how to avoid them and to identify the signs of addiction. Rehabs worked better than jail, one of the biggest surprises was the amount of addicts that turn themselves into rehab centers. Once a safe and free center was opened addicts decided to find Cocaine detox methods and centers on their own.


Let’s learn from the past and snip this in the butt. Don’t wait for this drug problem to get out of hand. Voice your opinion and let’s do something about this today!

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Nikon PROSTAFF II Released

Nikon PROSTAFF II Released

Nikon has recently announced its Pro Staff Rimfire II line-up of rifle scopes, designed to address the needs of the popular rimfire .22 long range calibre. The leading sports optics manufacturer has recognized the popularity of the rimfire calibers which are loved by hunters across the world for their intuitive usability and extreme accuracy, resulting in the new Prostaff Rimfire II, the ideal optic for long range huntung that combines Nikon’s Fully multi-coated optical system with the BDC 150 reticle that is specifically designed for rimfire rifles.

Nikon continues to release excellent rifle scopes in any price range and the Rimfire II is no exception. If you are looking for something on the higher end I suggest you take a look at some reviews online to find the best rifle scope in your price range.


One of the highlights of this rifle scope is the BDC 150 reticle that has been built specifically for use with rimfires. It allows the shooter to compensate for bullet drop at very long ranges. The unique see-through circles incorporated into this reticle lend the shooter a unique advantage for long range shots while also allowing a normal viewing experience for short range encounters where the crosshair itself becomes the aiming point. The Rimfire II scopes also feature Nikon’s signature fully multicoated optical system that packs several layers of anti-reflective compounds on each glass surface, yielding bright and vivid pictures along with excellent light transmission from dawn through dusk. Also present are spring loaded instant zero-reset turrets that make field adjustments a breeze. All the shooter needs to do is sight in the usual way, then lift the scope’s spring loaded adjustment knob, rotate it to their ‘zero’ and resume shooting. Thanks to this particular feature, the shooter can easily make adjustments in the field by simply dialing in their subsequent ranges.

Other notable features of this new rifle scope are consistent, generous eye relief that ensures the safety of your brow, even when you’re shooting with heavy cartridges, lightweight rifles or at severe shooting angles. The scope is also shockproof, fogproof and waterproof – it is Nitrogen purged and O-ring sealed to ensure that you can take it with you on the roughest of adventures.

What steals the show however, is the inclusion of Nikon’s patented Spot On Ballistic Match Technology. Just like all other riflescopes from the manufacturer, the Prostaff Rimfire II also utilizes this technology to enable the shooter to find out all of the precise aiming points on their scope’s reticle at different distances, in relation to their particular loading and ammunition. The Spot On program has its very own app available too – it works with both Android and iOS devices, and ensures that you’ve got the world’s best ballistic calculator at your fingertips. The Spot On Customer Turret program even allows you to order custom turrets for your riflescope according to your ammo, atmospheric conditions and other factors so you’ve got the ideal sight enhancement for your rifle.

The Prostaff Rimfire II is covered by Nikon’s standard No-Fault Repair/Replacement Policy for Binoculars, Riflescopes and Fieldscopes, which is a testament to their dedication for performance, quality and customer satisfaction. The scope is also covered by Nikon’s Limited Lifetime Warranty which means they’ll replace or repair your scope if any faults in workmanship or materials are discovered.

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Hurt in Tampa? Call the personal injury attorney that I called

Hurt in Tampa? Call the personal injury attorney that I called

personal injury attorney

Tampa’s Best Personal Injury Attorney

Did you know that there is a reason that stairs are measured the way they are? All it takes is a slight error in height or spacing between two stairs and you will find yourself tripping up or falling down the stairs. For the fallen, a major issue is the type of material the stairs are made of. There is the more common wooden stair found around homes, the steel staircase stairs found on fire escapes and in factories, and the lesser used cement stairs.

I can tell you from personal experience you do not want to fall on cement stairs.

I have a neighbor who lives at the bottom of a hill. In order to get from the street level (top) you have to descend 21 stairs. Fortunately the angle is not to steep. Unfortunately, because we live in a town where street lighting is sparse, navigating down the stairs in the dark can be treacherous. I discovered that the hard way.

One rainy day, I was going down the stairs and missed the presence of a 3 inch tree branch. I rolled my foot on it and fell forward, striking my knee against one stair and my shoulder against another. It is a good thing I didn’t fall backwards. As I lay there writhing in pain and trying to get up, my neighbor came out of his house and saw the tree branch – and the accident. He asked me if I was all right and tried to help me up. But my mom told me that if you are ever in such a situation, stay down and get someone to call an ambulance. So I asked my neighbor to call an ambulance.

He balked, saying that he would help me and there was no need to call an ambulance. But I insisted. The ambulance came and put me on the gurney to take me to the hospital. Once there, it was discovered that I had torn some tendons in my rotator cuff, had a sprained wrist, and my arm had to be put in a sling for at least a week. My job is loading trucks, which means I would be losing out on at least a week’s worth of pay.

A friend, not a neighbor, heard about the accident and told me about a web site that I should visit to try and get compensation for my medical bills and lost time from work. The site, The Personal Injury Attorney Tampa at  was recommended because he had used it and got more than a satisfactory settlement. He said the staff was helpful and knowledgeable, and they had a ”no fee unless we win” policy. They have a list of steps potential clients should take when filing a personal injury claim. Best of all, the site is full of useful information that can be directly applied to your situation without having to pay a lawyer for it.

This was my first time dealing with a personal injury lawsuit, so I was glad to have the reference. I called them at their toll free number, 888-447-0618 and was immediately connected to a lawyer who evaluated my overall situation and explained to me the possibilities of getting compensated for the accident. When I decided to go ahead with the case, I discovered how reasonable the prices were for their services, and how they would be there every step of the way through the legal process. The court system is slower than we would like it to be, and my neighbor refused to let his homeowner’s insurance pay for the medical and compensation expenses. At the end of the day, I won my lawsuit all with the help and legal expertise of their excellent legal staff. If I had to do it all over, this is the place I would go to, without a doubt.

By the way, I found out all that information about stairs because it was part of the legal process. The more I learned about the little things, the more I realized how personal injury lawsuits come about. Many times we think it was just an accident or our fault, but discovering these little tidbits can be the difference between having to carry the burden of medical bills or being compensated for your losses.

But the best thing that came out of this ordeal was that I didn’t have to search around for a knowledgeable and competent legal team. That part of the problem was resolved by them. As my friend recommended them to me, so I heartily recommend them to you.

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Getting Smart at CES

Getting Smart at CES

getting smart at ces

Image credit: pmcdeadline2.wordpress.com

Getting Smart Everywhere and in Everything with the CES

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is held in January of every year. This year, one of the latest news from the CES is a smart toothbrush. Another bit of news from CES is the launch of smart pots for plants. The smart pot makes a lot of sense, if you consider that everything else is getting smart and the automated care of plants should get smarter. That things from CES that are getting smarter include television sets, refrigerators, toys, and drones.

There is nothing inherently wrong with having smart things. In truth, they may not even be smart enough. They have an artificial intelligence (AI), but this is pre-programmed, and in most instances, the user can override the AI. The AI in most things is not designed to be too intelligent, but intelligent enough. It’s like the autocorrect function in most smart phones and tablets. The spelling can be corrected, the AI gives suggestions, and adds new words every time a new word is introduced in a message. However, it does not need to scour the Internet for new words, nor to find out for itself what language is being used. It only needs to correct spelling and to add new words, no matter if the new words are spelled wrongly.

Intelligent Help

Take Google, for instance, or any other search engine, it can only be as intelligent as the web designers want it to be. These companies are more concerned with providing the “right” search results. For Internet marketers, they just have to depend on excellent SEO’s to understand what search engines are doing, and how to get ahead of the competition.

In other news, there is always something new about CES, which is worth a look, by anyone who is interested in electronics, or in consumer products. There was a time when the word electronics was a codeword for “toy for geeks”, something that the guy that owns this hilarious blog was all about.

Evolving and Moving Forward

The CES has evolved a lot from its roots. It should be well to remember that from a hierarchical model, it inherited genes from the computer shows of old. The computers are still there, just that they no longer look like computers. The computers are in every smart something that is on the floor show. Everything from cameras, cell phones, microwave ovens, watches, eyewear, earphones and headsets, GPS and other car accessories are represented in CES. Even toothbrushes are getting the smart treatment. You can get a smart toothbrush, which would tell you if your kid had brushed his teeth enough. You can get a smart pot, to know the health details of your plant. Cameras can tell you if your picture is level, across three axes even.

There are still other shows, and even other electronics shows, like those for toys, guns, military hardware, cars, and almost everything else, but really, these are all computer shows underneath it all.

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UFC’s Leslie Smith’s Ear Explodes!

UFC’s Leslie Smith’s Ear Explodes!

This is Why You Train with Head Gear

UFC's Leslie Smith Cauliflower Ear Explodes

Cauliflower ear, its something every sports fighter has to deal with. Its ugly and can get huge. So what exactly is it? It happens when the external part of the ear suffers a traumatic blow or injury. Its a collection of blood and other fluids that collect under the skin and ear cartilage.

The fluid separates the skin from the cartilage and kind of resembles a Cauliflower. Its permanent and the only way to fix it is to get the fluid removed and skin tucked surgically. If you act fast you may be able to prevent any further deformities.
The best bet is to wear protection!

Which is something that Leslie Smith didn’t do. If you missed the UFC fight, I’m sure you heard about it by now. UFC’s rank number 3 contender at 125lbs was covered in blood. Her bout with Jessica Eye took an ugly turn. With an right hand aimed at the right side of her face, hitting her directly on her cauliflower ear.

As soon as that shot made contact the blood squirted at least a foot into the air and started to run down her face. It pretty much tore her ear in half. It wasn’t long after that the ref stopped the fight.

Leslie about 4 days after her ear ruptured

Leslie about 4 days after her ear ruptured



Leslie had to seek medical attention to reconstruct her ear. The cartilage had to reattached and some of the skin remove. She was doing better with in a week.As you can see the ear job went very well and you can’t really tell that she had a surgical procedure.


When the folks at ESPN finally caught up to her she said she is happy to have a little time off. Th only thing is she doesn’t want to be know as the fighter that had her ear explode.

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