About Me


This was me a few years ago.

This was me a few years ago, and a few pounds ago 🙂


Hello, my name is Jon. Welcome to my blog!

I hope to use this blog to help people avoid some of the trappings I’ve unfortunately I’ve had to endure in the past. I used to work for the newspaper industry. It was a cutthroat industry. There was always conflict and strife at ever corner. I loved my job but hated the environment.

I decided I wanted to help people instead of stab them in the back, like what had always been done to me. So, here I am to bring you the best of the Internet……just call me MyWebPal 🙂

I enjoy contributing to Wikipedia, so check out my page user page there: JonMad.

I will use the skills I acquired in the newspaper industry to frequently bring you the hottest products, best reviews, and the up-to-date news stories of our day. You won’t have to look very much further than my blog to get your information.

I held many positions at my former employer. Many positions that enabled me to be very proficient at acquiring relevant information. I also formed many good relationships with many people that are still in the industry that I can call on at a moment’s notice to get information that you can’t find anywhere else.

In addition to working for many newspapers over my career, I have had many other jobs. I worked for attorneys, doing accident reconstruction. I also worked for many years in the construction industry, concentrating on water/fire damage remediation. I played college football and had a career-ending injury that got me interested in physical therapy and in particular, chiropractic medicine.

I was a salesman for yp.com and sold advertising to local businesses. While doing this stint with yp.com, it helped me realize the frustrations of business owners that struggle to get exposure on the Internet. For this reason, I started MyWebPal Local. It is my way of giving back to the local businesses that helped me.

Lately, I have been extremely interested in gardening. I get this interest from my grandmother. Many years ago she taught me the value of caring for a garden and the satisfaction you get from seeing a plant go through its life cycle. I started Gardening from MyWebPal to share this interest with other like-minded people. I hope to learn a lot from other people as well.

Another interest of mine is health and fitness. I have competed in and won many powerlifting competitions over the last decade. After going through so many of these, I learned a lot about what it takes to make weight for a competition as well as what are the best ways to lose fat, gain muscle and do it in the healthiest way possible. I started a few new sites to share my knowledge of these areas. Diet.MyWebPal is a survey of the best diets that I have found that provide the healthiest ways to reach your goals. HealthandFitness.MyWebPal covers, well, health and fitness! I really am excited about these two endeavors.

I am always looking for other things to learn about. This page will undoubtedly be updated very frequently. Please stay tuned….