How to succeed as a main line real estate agent

Selling a home can be challenging for many Main Line Real Estate professionals. However, for those real estate agents who have access to the proper tools, they may find that can increase the amount of real estate main line pa sales that they make each year. Choosing the right real estate on the main line tools is one of the essential keys to being successful in this area. This said, here are some great Philadelphia suburbs real estate tools that can be used to make and close a sale.

Deploy a Philadelphia main line real estate Website

Getting people to look at a specific piece of mainline real estate is essential keys to getting a sell. Therefore, people who are in the main line realty business will need to do whatever it takes to make sure that the property that they are responsible for selling can be easily seen and accessed on the Internet. By setting up a main line real estate for sale site that buyers can frequent on a regular basis, real estate agents will have access to hundreds to thousands of potential real estate buyers. Which means, the real estate website is one of the best tools that can be used to expedite a sell.

Create a Positive Web and main line Philadelphia real estate presence

In addition to designing a website and publishing it on the web, it is important for each business owner to make sure that they have a positive web presence. Specifically, when trying to attract a specific target audience to buy a home. Building a good web presence can be challenging, so it is important for each business owner to make sure that they have done a good job of marketing their main line pa real estate property. Some of the keys to increasing the business site’s web presence is to write articles for an online press release and managing a blog that can provide great information about how to sell real estate effectively.

Create A Real Estate Blog

While some people may stop at building the website and deploying it, others will go the extra mile by establishing a real estate blog that they can post information to. When the business owner takes the time out to publish quality information that is valuable to their visitors, they can also make themselves an authority on the topic of real estate. Therefore, if they want to sell a specific property as quickly as expeditiously as possible, they may want to ensure that their blog will also have a lot of activity. Thereby, allowing the real estate business to capitalize on the real estate blog as a useful marketing tool.

Though real estate is a challenging career to be in, there are tools of the trade that can be used to increase a real estate agents success. Some of the more commonly known today includes, establishing a successful website that potential buyers can visit, creating a positive web presence and setting up a real estate blog that will allow them to become an expert on the real estate area in mainland Philadelphia.

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Photography Courses in Macro Photography

Getting up close and personal with your subjects through macro photography provides fresh new views and enhances your photo collections. Here´s a brief look at the ins and outs of macro photography along with considerations and tips.

Want a little extra oomph out of your photos? Start using the macro setting on your digital camera or invest in a macro lens for your SLR. By getting up close and personal, you’ll see the world in a whole new way and so will anyone viewing your images especially in areas such as Perth Australia.

What is Macro Photography?

Macro photography is more than zooming in for a close up. With macro photography, the photographer actually gets as physically close to the subject as possible with a goal of reproducing an image at a one to one (or closer) ratio. Because the focal length is quite short, it’s important to have a lens capable of achieving this type of magnification. Many of these techniques you can learn in online photography courses in Australia.

While purists apply the term macro to images that have a vi or closer ratio, you don’t necessarily need to get out your measuring tape and calculator to enjoy experimenting with your macro settings. It doesn’t matter what you call it if the image is stunning and one of the best ways to get incredible images is to get up close and personal.

What You Should Know about Shooting Macro Photos The depth of field at these ranges is far shallower than you may be used to. Because of this, it’s important to use the smallest F-stop possible for optimal crispness. Since you’ll be using a small aperture setting, lighting your subject becomes critical. However, a catch-n occurs. Your camera’s lens is often right up against the subject making adding light nearly impossible. You may need to compromise by settling for a wider aperture setting or getting creative with your light source.

Focusing is also critical because at this magnification, the slightest blur becomes a major distraction. The shallow depth of field can be your best friend or your worst enemy when it comes to shooting macro images. Use it to draw attention to your subject just as you would when shooting other images with shallow depths of field. Understand that you can minimize this effect by closing the aperture but doing so requires compensation in the form of more light or longer exposure times.

Since longer exposure times require complete stillness during exposure, use a tripod and a shutter cable (or timer) to ensure that the camera doesn’t move while taking the picture. If you’re using a digital camera, you will be able to see the results immediately and make adjustments as needed.

Uses for Macro Photography

Besides being fun, macro photography has a variety of uses. Imagine jazzing up your travel photos by including macro shots of the local currency or seashells on the beaches of Perth. Artists often use macro shots of flowers, fruits, and other subjects that they plan to paint. Macro photography also has its practical uses. For example, when taking a home inventory, take macro shots of serial and model numbers to further document your possessions. Selling products on eBay? Include macro images of details that either will entice buyers or inform them of the item’s condition.

The more you use macro photography, the more you’ll start seeing the world a little bit differently. Get up close and personal with your subjects and create stunning, intimate images.

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Breast Augmentation Tucson Guide

Having breast augmentation comes with a lot of questions. Should I go the route of getting implants or a more natural method? Many women are now choosing to have a breast augmentation without surgery. This is because it can get rid of their problem areas as well as let them have the breasts they have always desired. Here are the benefits of getting breast augmentation by natural means.

One natural method of augmentation uses your body’s own fat. This is taken from areas where there is unwanted fat on your body. This can be your thighs, stomach, and many others areas. They suck out the fat with liposuction and then it is placed into the breast area for fuller, great looking breasts. You can find many of offices offering natural breast implants in Tucson Arizona.

One benefit of a naturally augmentation your breasts is they will feel natural. With breast implants sometimes they will not look as natural. This is because they often look stiff. Using fat from your own body helps the breasts look like you were born with them.

Another benefit is that transferring fat for a enhancing your bust nauturally does not interfere with a mammogram. Traditional implants do interfere. Mammograms are routinely required after a woman reaches the age of 40 so it’s great that they do not interfere with detecting medical conditions, such as breast cancer.

When you get regular breast implants they often leave scars. That is because they have to make open incisions in order to place them inside you. However, with a natural method large incisions are not involved so there are virtually no scars.

Not having to put foreign items into your body is another advantage to breast implants naturally. Unlike implants that were never part of your body, a natural breast augmentation uses fat that was already in your body. This eliminates the risks associated with foreign materials in your body.

One of the disadvantages of breast implants is they are often recommended to be replaced after ten years or so. With a natural breast enhancements such as found in Breast Augmentation In Tucson this is not required . This is because you are using your own fat that was already in your body before the augmentation. Changes in shape may occur due to pregnancy or gaining weight but otherwise another procedure is not needed.

Lastly, a great benefit is that you don’t have to worry about it deflating like implants. There is also no chance that it will leak since it’s not an implant but fat from your body. This is a much safer option because the material in implants can cause health issues if it leaks into your body.

There are so many benefits to enhancing your breasts naturally. These include having breasts that feel and look natural, they do not leave scars like normal implants, they don’t interfere with mammograms, you do not have to put anything foreign into your body, and they do not leak or deflate. Naturally augmenting the size of your breasts is a big decision. By looking at all the advantages you will be able to figure out if this procedure is right for you.

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Rising Careers : Medical Billing and Coding

As a medical biller you will be given an important office position, where you will be actively contributing to the health care industry. Your job will entail a number of responsibilities and you will often be the liaison between patients, medical institutions and various insurance companies.

The job description for medical biller is best suited for an individual who can pay close attention to minute details. It will be your responsibility to complete insurance invoices, review the information and then submit these forms to the appropriate agency. In today’s medical world there are HIPPA rules about obtaining, releasing and transmitting personal information. These submissions must be done electronically and you will need to make certain that all of the data and signatures are in the correct places.

A medical billing specialist will often be found working in a physician’s office or at a large hospital. However these jobs are also available in numerous health care related facilities such as a free-standing medical clinic, a nursing home, rehab center or physical therapy office. There is an increasing need for individuals with the necessary skills to handle the billing between health care providers and health insurance agencies. Sometimes the job requirements of a medical biller and coder will be combined together.

The duties for medical billers could include the following tasks

  • Reviewing patient bills for accuracy
  • Reviewing claims that are sent directly to Medicare/Medicaid
  • Checking to make sure that proper payments have been received
  • Resolving any billing discrepancies
  • Checking insurance policies for any secondary/tertiary benefits
  • Helping patients understand their insurance benefits plan
  • Calculating the amount that the patient might be charged for health care services
  • Tracking and resolving any unpaid insurance claims

Skills needed to become a medical biller

  • Broad, detailed knowledge of insurance payment guidelines
  • Ability to do research online (regarding payment benefits)
  • Interpersonal skills to deal with the public
  • Multi-tasking capability
  • Computer skills
  • Knowledge of medical coding
  • Familiarity with various medical billing software programs

You should be comfortable working with computers and interacting with others. This job will require you to think on your feet. You should be organized and efficient. Much of the day you will be sitting at a desk, but you may need to file papers, retrieve necessary documents and have an eye for details.

Depending upon your employer the job assignments could even require you to occasionally function as a receptionist or help with other office tasks. The majority of the time your duties will be completely focused on making sure that the billing invoices are being completed properly and submitted in a timely manner.


  • You should have a HS diploma or GED
  • Completion of a Medical Billing Training Course
  • An Associate’s Degree in Business Administration (ora comparable field)


It is helpful to have at least 6 months-1 year of office experience that involved working in a health care setting such as a doctor’s office or hospital.

Medical Billing as a Life Career

This field is growing at a rapid pace and offers many opportunities for individuals who want to choose medical billing as their career. In most situations this is a job with standard Monday-Friday (9-5 or 8-4) scheduling requirements.

The average salary for medical billing associates is $14/hr. Average yearly salary is $30,000-$45,000. Some jobs will include profit sharing, stock options, retirement programs and other perks.

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My New Hosted PBX Phone System

Hosted PBX


hosted pbx

It was only two weeks ago, my partner and I were talking about the phone system we had in our office. It was not working very well and there had to be something better. We started looking into a hosted PBX system (also called virtual PBX, cloud PBX, VOIP phone service, etc. etc.) and found that there were lots of benefits to using them including cost, reliability and usability. There were a lot of different systems available but after some searching we decided to go with’s system and I have never looked back due to the features, costs and support that BroadConnect offered.

 What is a PBX System?

For people that don’t know what a PBX system is or a hosted PBX system is then here’s an explanation. A PBX system is a private telephone network that connects our internal phones within a business network. A cloud PBX system is a cloud based system that allows remote access to the PBX system from any device that I or anyone in the business has. We started using an on-site system when I first started out in business but there are a lot of benefits to using a VOIP phone service system that I have found out first hand.

 BroadConnect System Overview

There were a number of different options available but the BroadConnect system had benefits that the others didn’t. They have a number of different systems such as hosted PBX, SIP trunking, hosted call center and more but the cloud PBX was what I was looking for. The reason I purchased it was firstly the features that they offered and then I saw other reviews that really backed up my hunch. They offered a 100% fully customizable system, 99.999% uptime and data centers around the world. That is exactly what I needed and was a lot better than other services.

Getting Started

Getting started with BroadConnect’s system was easy. I gave them a call and told them exactly what I needed. They were helpful on the phone and told me things that made my options even better. They then sent me a proposal which was a detailed overview of my custom system and it was exactly what I needed. Finally, when I agreed to everything, my system was installed, they trained my staff and everything ran perfectly smooth. The whole process was very fast and within a week I had the system installed and had continuous support whenever we need it.

 How it Works

Their VOIP business phone system just works, making sure my business runs smoothly. It is so different compared to any other system I’ve ever tried. With our last system, which was hosted in-house, each person had their own phone and if they weren’t at their phone then they were stuck. With the new Hosted system the extensions are connected to the employee rather than the phone itself which allows employees to redirect calls to different devices anywhere round the world. The BroadConnect system also allows employees to have multiple numbers and they will always get calls to their specified device which makes everything a lot easier than with the old system. It works by having the employees connected to the system whether it be in the office or on devices of their own. When a call comes in or goes out, the BroadConnect system routes the call across the internet securely to the right place. This was all explained by a BroadConnect employee and is really easy to understand and use.


There are a lot of benefits to this which I have found out, the main of which being cost benefits, reliability, management , and flexibility. The BroadConnect system has more benefits and features to other systems which are why we selected it. One of the benefits we found to allow us to work better was the benefit of allowing our employees and offices to use a single number wherever they were. They also offer some of the most up to date software and hardware that are available in the industry. With the system being hosted on the BroadConnect servers, it allows easy management of the system with an administrative panel and makes it so we don’t need any technical managers on site or any hardware investments. There are no downsides to using it. It allows me to save money and make the business run smoothly with ease.


Overall I would recommend this service to anyone, it has helped us to work better and make sure that we can focus on our business rather than upgrading systems and hardware maintenance. Broadconnect is an established player in this industry with over 20 years of Telecom experience. Even though we had so many options I wouldn’t change this system for anything, the fact that two weeks ago we had an on-site system that didn’t work as well as we wanted and now we have a hosted system shows how easy it is to get used to and install across devices. If you need a system like this or currently have a PBX system I would recommend you give BroadConnect a try.

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Floyd County Jail report, 8 p.m. Friday, March 27

The Latest Local News from the Rome News

The Floyd County Jail issues arrest reports twice daily, at 8 p.m. and 8 a.m.

Mobile users should click here to see the 24-hour report.

Source: Rome News

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UPDATE: Floyd County police issue statement about human remains found off Canard Road

The Latest Local News from the Rome News

Update: Floyd County Police issued the following statement:

The Floyd County Police Department is investigating the discovery of human remains that were found Friday in a subdivision off of Kingston Highway.


Patrol officers identified the location around 1 p.m. on March 27, 2015 in a wooded area off of Everwood Court. Due to the nature of the discovery, and unusual location of the remains, crime scene investigators are processing the area at the time of this statement.


Investigators are currently unable to confirm the identity or gender of the remains.


The coroner has been notified and the remains will be transported to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for further examination.


Previously posted: Floyd County police are investigating the discovery of human remains in a wooded area in a subdivision off of Kingston highway. Sgt. Chris Fincher with Floyd County police investigations said a patrol officer discovered the remains.

As this point, police cannot confirm if the remains are male or female.

Since it is in a secluded, wooded area, we do have the obligation to go check and investigate it,” Fincher said. “Something like that is always suspicious, especially when it is away from a residence like that.”

Fincher said they have secured the scene and are waiting on crime scene techs.

Source: Rome News

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Fourth Shorter Invitational returns to Barron

The Latest Local News from the Rome News

Nearly 600 athletes representing men’s and women’s track teams from 24 colleges and universities will gather at Barron Stadium and the Riverside Throws Center on Saturday when the 4th annual Shorter Invitational takes place.

“We’re very excited and blessed to have so many teams and student-athletes coming to Rome to compete,” Shorter head coach Scott Byrd said about this year’s day-long Invitational that begins at 10 a.m., “and we’re looking forward to hosting them.

“This is the time of year when teams want to see their athletes begin making strides forward,” he said, “to prepare for their conference and postseason meets that aren’t that far away.”

Joining host Shorter includes fellow Gulf South Conference members Alabama-Huntsville, Lee and West Georgia as well as a talented group of NAIA and Division III teams, including Rome’s other NCAA program, Berry College.

Shorter enters the meet having grabbed the attention of the nation on the wake of an historic appearance at the NCAA Division II National Indoor Championships – this is the first year the university is eligible to compete in NCAA postseason events – and a solid showing in the Hawks’ and Lady Hawks’ first outdoor outing last week when the team divided to run in two premier meets.

Taking the John Maddox Track at Barron for the first time this year will be Lady Hawk Ayana Walker, who Shorter’s first-ever NCAA national champion when she won the national indoor 400 meters breaking the tape in 53.29 seconds.

While Walker was claiming gold and the accompanying NCAA All-America honor, the Hawks were well-represented as well at the national meet as Alfred Chelanga took a fourth-place finish in the 3,000 with a time of 8:05.10 – the lone freshman in the field led the race of veteran runners with three laps to go – to become the program’s first male athlete to earn NCAA All-America recognition.

Both runners took last week off when Shorter began its outdoor season, but the men and women who took part in the Alabama Relays in Tuscaloosa, Ala., and at the Emory Invitational in Atlanta turned in strong performances.

At the Alabama Relays running in a field that included Division I programs, Ashley Ballard and Kemor Anderson provided sixth-place finishes, respectively, while Hawks Christian Smith, Wake Roberds, Cole Rice and Gregory Roachford, Jr. combined to post a fifth-place in the 4×400 relay.

Also turning in top 10 finishes for the Hawks in Tuscaloosa was Rice (400), Roberds (400 hurdles), Supun Randeniya (110 high hurdles), Bradley Moon (100) and Roachford (400 open).

At Emory, Breondra Steele emerged as the women’s high jump champion when she bested the field by clearing the bar at 5 feet, 3 inches to lead the Lady Hawks in the field, where teammate Anelise Aldana also had a strong outing by finishing seventh in the long jump going 16-10.5, and on the oval Jasmin Ellis earned a fifth place in the 400 with a time of 59.38.

Daniel Alexis had an outstanding two-event day at Emory, finishing third in the hammer throw with a throw of 131-5 and fifth in the discus with a heave that went 135-10; Jonathan Willman was seventh in the long jump going 21-9; and Lane Fletcher was eighth in the pole vault with a 12-1 effort.

“We know we’ll be going up against some great athletes this weekend,” said Byrd, “but we have to concentrate on what we do to continue to work harder. The best thing is that after being on the road for so long (during three-month indoor season) it’s nice to finally be at home.”

The Invitational, presented by Coach O Management of Knoxville, Tenn., is the first of three home meets Shorter will host during the outdoor season. On May 1-2, Barron will be the site of the National Christian College Athletic Association National Outdoor Championships for the second straight year and on May 15-16 The Coach O Last Chance Invite will be held.

Following this weekend’s meet, Shorter will turn its attention to one of most notable events in the nation on April 2-4 when the Hawks and Lady Hawks head to Gainesville, Fla., to run in the Florida Pepsi Relays.

Source: Rome News

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Polk County Animal Control closed for PARVO outbreak

The Latest Local News from the Cedartown Standard

The Polk County Animal Control facility has been quarantined and no animals are being let out for adoptions after 2 cases of PARVO reported in just over a week.

The first case was diagnosed in a dog on March 20 after arriving at the facility on March 11, according to local veterinarian Dr. Todd Hughes, who spoke to the Polk County Public Safety committee Thursday evening.

He said another dog was diagnosed with PARVO again earlier this week, resetting the clock on Wednesday, March 25 on the quarantine currently affecting 32 dogs at the facility.

According to a report from the Georgia Department of Agriculture given to the Standard Journal by the county, the dog that first tested for PARVO was put down.

The same inspector who filed the report, Darlene Phillips, also responded in another report that accusations that Animal Control director Jeff Crawford refused to release a dog to a Canton resident named Dayna Crumley.

Crumley reported to the Phillips she believed the dog needed medical attention and needed to be let out for better care.

The report stated Phillips spoke with Hughes, who reported to Phillips the dog in question was examined on March 20 to verify if it was a medical emergency for the dog to be released.

“He states there is no medical emergency at all on this dog,” the report stated. “This shelter was abiding by the GDA (Georgia Department of Agriculture) rules of a quarantine which no dog could be pulled by any rescue after a quarantine is in place.”

Hughes went on to say in the Public Safety Commission meeting that selective vaccinations conducted by the Cedartown Humane Society – who began last year providing vaccinations to dogs at Animal Control – was part of the issue. Hughes explained the two animals who contracted PARVO were under 2-years-old and skipped by volunteers who administered vaccinations to animals.

Humane Society president Charlotte Harrison agreed in a previous meeting volunteers were only vaccinating animals under 6-months-old.

“Currently, we’re the only one providing any vaccines to the animals,” she said. “We’re a group of volunteers giving our time and privately raised funds to see that vaccines are administered. We welcome the county’s participation in this project.”

“No one has ever questioned or complained, or let us know that we should be vaccinating anything over 6 months of age until the last meeting of the Animal Control committee in February, and at that point it was mentioned that we should be vaccinating up to 2 years of age,” Harrison said. “We readily agreed to that policy.” 

The Humane Society said records indicate they’ve vaccinated 200 animals as of Friday. 

Previously, Polk County Animal Control was responsible for vaccinating all animals that came in to the facility. However, Polk County manager Matt Denton said the vaccination program was cut because of budget issues within the department. The adoption fees for dogs and cats were left at a raised rates to pay for vaccinations despite the program being discontinued at the time.

Now the county will look for ways to reinstate their own vaccination program, and look to raise the adoption rates on dogs and cats again – to $40 for dogs and $25 for cats – to help cover the costs.

Commissioner Jennifer Hulsey, who is chair of the Animal Control committee for the county for 2015, said she feels the county needs to control their own vaccination policy.

For Harrison and the Cedartown Humane Society, it would mean the money they raised will go toward their true purpose of preventing unnecessary increases in animal populations.

“The only value for vaccinating for us was the well being of the animal, but we were willing to spend our money to do that,” she said. “We’d much rather spend our money on spay neuter programs.”

Source: Cedartown Standard

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Hubbard resigns as Public Works director for Polk County effective April 10

The Latest Local News from the Cedartown Standard

Polk County will be looking for a new Public Works director in the coming weeks following Karen Hubbard’s announcement during the county’s public works committee meeting.

Hubbard gave her two weeks notice during the midway point of the committee meeting, handing letters to commissioners Jennifer Hulsey and Ray Barber, along with both county manager Matt Denton and assistant county manager David McElwee.

She said in a phone interview that in her letter to the county, she stated that she’s been in the department for more than four years, and tried to implement changes in the department during her tenure.

“That doesn’t seem to be a change that everyone is particularly favorable with,” she said.

Hubbard said she felt as other department heads were given more freedom in their decision making, her own decisions faced greater scrutiny.

“It’s a constant struggle to make Polk County a better place,” she said. “Having every decision questioned, overturned or undermined, it’s just a difficult situation to be in.”

Hubbard said she has found a new job, but declined to say where she was going after her final day.

“I think Karen Hubbard made positive changes at the Pulbic Works department during her tenure, and I hated to see her resignation and wish her the best in the future,” Denton said.

“I secured a position where I think my knowledge skills will be appreciated,” she said. “I love the goodness of the people in Polk County. I grew up here, and a majority of my family still lives here. I’ll miss many of my employees who are good workers.”

She said despite her feeling of sadness at departing from her job, she still wants to see improvements happen in her native county.

“I wish for the best for the citizens of Polk County and all my employees,” she said.

Source: Cedartown Standard

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Berry College Annual Spring Concert set for April 12

The Latest Local News from the Rome News

ROME, Ga.— Berry College is hosting its spring concert at 3 p.m. Apr. 12. in the College Chapel.

This concert will prove extra special as the Berry community bids farewell to longtime Music Lecturer and Director of Choral Activities Harry Musselwhite. Musselwhite has been a part of the Berry family for almost 30 years and under his leadership, Berry students have performed in the Capitol Rotunda in Washington D.C., Carnegie Hall in New York City, Regent’s Hall in London and Sacre Coeur in Paris among other locations.

Musselwhite’s guidance has helped students reach their potential and go on to perform with a number of groups including the New York City Opera and the London Philharmonic. Personally, Musselwhite has received The Rome Arts Council’s Artist of the Year Award in 2003 and the Voice of Berry Award in 1998.

This performance will feature the concert choir, the Berry Singers and a number of Berry music alumni. The concert choir, comprised of over 90 members, is a historical part of Berry College and has experience with a large variety of classical compositions. The Berry Singers are a select group of vocalists that regularly perform with the Rome Symphony.

Source: Rome News

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Study center draws participants

The Latest Local News from the Cedartown Standard

Polk residents are embracing the educational opportunity now available at the Study Center, located at Polk Haralson Christian Life “Camp Antioch”, 3900 Antioch Road, (across from Antioch Baptist Church).   Among students and volunteers using the facility this month are: Top photo, Susan Acree, Aspen Warner and Andrea Warner; Bottom, right, Janice Stewart, Karen Dingler and Emma Watkins.  For more information call Janice Stewart at 770-846-7760.

Source: Cedartown Standard

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‘For Better or Worse’ presented live in Rockmart tonight, Saturday

The Latest Local News from the Cedartown Standard

Rockmart Pastor Davilyn Williams Gospel stage play, “For Better or For Worse?” will be live in Rockmart on Friday, March 27 and Saturday March 28.

The play, written and directed by Williams, will also star Williams. The play is also going to be recorded live.

“For Better or For Worse?” is Williams’s first production. Despite that fact, it was well received by the Northwest Georgia communities and debuted to a standing-room-only crowd at the Rome City Auditorium in July 2012. Williams said she is excited to bring this tale of love and restoration back to the stage.

“When I wrote this play, I knew that God had a message that he wanted to share,” she said. “It’s more than a Gospel stage production, it is a ministry. I was overwhelmed with the support we received in our debut and I’m excited to share with my hometown the revised and improved version of my first stage play. I believe the audience will laugh, cry and rejoice with the characters and leave the theater humming a tune from one of the production’s original songs. It’s a total experience.”

The show centers around a couple preparing to celebrate ten years of marriage and it also looks at their friends and family, who all have their own day-to-day issues they are dealing with as well. When it debuted nearly three years ago, the show premiered to an eager audience who, after the show, exited the venue astonished, having a great passion for the original production.

Williams said she has since found time to rewrite and rework the script and even those who have seen it will want a second look.

“It’s the same title, but a different play,” Williams said. “This production has a special place in my heart because it was my first. Since the premiere I have tweaked a few things here and there to improve, what I believe is a story divinely inspired. There’s a message in “For Better or For Worse?” that is universal. Whether you are married, seriously dating or single, this is a production that is a must see because it has the power to change lives.”

“For Better or For Worse?” also stars Rome’s own Kevin Wright and Cartersville’s Jessica Dennis and Sheddericka Braziel. Also in the production are Rockmart natives Courtney Rowland, Kirston Monroe and Quitta Sanders, Cartersville’s Rev. Carlos Calhoun and Erin Jones and former Romans Mikey Jones and Daverica Williams.

“For Better or For Worse?” will play for two nights at the Arts Center Theatre in Rockmart. The March 27 show starts at 7 p.m. and the March 28 show is at 6 p.m. Doors open one hour before showtime, tickets are $25 and are already available for purchase. Tickets may be purchased at Church of Lord Jesus in Rockmart, 928 Martin Luther King Street, Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m, or online at

For more information about “For Better or For Worse?” visit or call (770) 548-1696.

Source: Cedartown Standard

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Friday forecast: cloudy and cooler, high 57

The Latest Local News from the Cedartown Standard

Overnight showers moving through brought with them cooler temperatures as Polk County heads into the last days of March, with temperatures set to dip below freezing during the overnight hours this weekend as the National Weather Service calls for one more round of cold before April begins.

Today’s forecast calls for partly sunny skies, with a high near 57. Northwest wind 10 to 15 mph.

Tonight: Mostly cloudy, with a low around 33. Northwest wind 5 to 10 mph.

Saturday: Sunny, with a high near 52. Northwest wind 5 to 10 mph.

Saturday Night: Mostly clear, with a low around 29. Northwest wind around 5 mph becoming calm in the evening.

Sunday: Sunny, with a high near 60. Northeast wind around 5 mph becoming south in the afternoon.

Sunday Night: A 30 percent chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 45.

Monday: A 40 percent chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 64.

Monday Night: Partly cloudy, with a low around 44.

Tuesday: A 20 percent chance of showers. Mostly sunny, with a high near 71.

Tuesday Night: Partly cloudy, with a low around 49.

Wednesday: A 30 percent chance of showers. Mostly sunny, with a high near 74.

Wednesday Night: A 30 percent chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 55.

Thursday: A 40 percent chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 73.

Source: Cedartown Standard

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Gun, cash stolen from Tolbert St. apartment

The Latest Local News from the Rome News

Rome police are investigating the theft of a firearm and cash from a Tolbert Street apartment, reports state.

According to police:

Someone broke into 215 Tolbert St., Apt. B, between 6:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Thursday. The thief took a .22-caliber revolver, valued at $100, $500 in cash and $1,000 in loose change. Sixty Valium and 60 Xanax also went missing.

There have been no arrests.

Source: Rome News

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Electric scooter stolen from Kroger

The Latest Local News from the Rome News

Officers are searching for a $2,500 electric scooter stolen from Kroger, Rome police said.

According to police records:

The theft happened between 7 and 7:30 a.m. Thursday at the 1476 Turner McCall Blvd. grocery store. Witnesses saw two men load the scooter into a red Chevrolet S-10 pickup truck by the store’s shipping area.

Police have made no arrests.

Source: Rome News

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Several local streams offer experience for trout when season opens Saturday

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A cold, overcast Saturday morning might not be the perfect start for the 2015 seasonal trout season, however it’s not bad fishing weather for die-hard anglers.

Jim Hakala, a fisheries biologist with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, said he suspects Johns Creek in the northern neck of Floyd County and Little Cedar Creek outside of Cave Spring will be among the most popular streams in Floyd County Saturday morning.

Virtually all of the creeks in the Rome area are what are referred to as “put and take” streams. That means that anglers catch the rainbow almost as quickly as the streams are stocked from the state hatchery just west of Summerville.

Lesser known streams that offer good fishing include Mount Hope Creek on the Floyd-Chattooga line right off Ga. 100, Storey Mill Creek off U.S. 27 north and Dykes Creek in eastern Floyd County are also stocked and have a number of easy points of access.

A short drive north of Rome to West Armuchee Creek between Villanow and LaFayette also offers anglers a good shot at landing an elusive trout.

West Armuchee and Johns creeks are two of the most heavily stocked streams in the region.

The DNR determines which streams to stock primarily by water temperature. Trout are a clear, cold water loving species.

DNR Ranger Ben Cunningham, who serves Floyd County, said he doesn’t have too much of a problem with anglers when he checks licenses on opening day. In addition to the regular fishing license, fishermen looking to land a trout must also have a special trout stamp.

Those who don’t have their licenses often offer up a variety of excuses.

The typical excuses are, “I forgot, I didn’t think I’d get checked,” Cunningham said.

The basic fishing license costs $9 while the trout stamp is an additional $5. Licenses can be purchased at or at a variety of retail outlets.

Source: Rome News

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County clerk's employment abruptly ended, Jamie Armstrong named interim clerk

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Kathy Arp is no longer employed in the county clerk position and Jamie Armstrong has been asked to fill in that position as an interim measure this morning, according to Armstrong.

Floyd County Manager Jamie McCord said Arp was terminated without cause as per her contract. McCord said he spoke with Wade Hoyt III, the county attorney, prior to letting Arp go.

Arp held the position for at least 10 years and has been employed by the county for much longer.

Source: Rome News

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GUEST COLUMN: Walking with God each step of the way

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Palm Sunday ushers in the most holy week of the year for Christians, the week which precedes Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

And this gives us some important choices to make. Will we “turn back at the gate,” go through our daily routines without giving these sacred mysteries much thought, or will we use this as an opportunity to walk with our Lord, accompanying him on this journey?

For if we will do so, if we will walk with the Lord on his journey, we will allow ourselves to be changed in deep, lasting and profound ways.

On the one hand, we can bury ourselves in the day-to-day trivia that can consume our lives, choosing to face life’s difficulties and challenges on our own, or we can unite ourselves with the Lord, walk in his steps, and most importantly, allow him to help us carry our crosses …, allow him to ease our burdens, to bring something good and beautiful and meaningful out of what would otherwise be pain and suffering, out of broken dreams and wounded relationships.

Simply put, we unite ourselves with the Lord so that we may know that he is one with us in our struggles — comforting us, guiding us, picking us up and setting us free once again.

This is one of the beautiful things about Holy Week. If we permit it to, it can focus our attention on a deep and profound reality, the blessed mystery of Jesus’ saving act in the resurrection story, and a blessed mystery that can be the very template of our day-to-day lives … if we will let it be.

For if we will embrace the mystery and realize its profound meaning for all that we do and are, we will be assured that this Easter holiday will make a real and lasting difference in our lives — not just for a day, or a week, but for always.

But the miracle of Easter will not happen if the week preceding looks pretty much the same as all other weeks.

If we do the same things, maintain the same schedule, watch the same shows, go to the same restaurants — in other words, if we treat this week no differently than any other, then it is likely that Easter will come and go without anything really changing.

New life? It sounds great, but as we all know about the things that really matter and really last, it’s probably not going to happen by accident. It takes an open heart, an open mind and a willing spirit. That is what each of us should hopefully be bringing to this holy week.

There is a popular song about “walking a lonesome valley … we must walk it by ourselves.”

For people of faith, nothing could be further from the truth. Holy Week shows us, once again, just how far God is willing to go for us. If we can draw closer to Him, if we can walk with Him each step of the way — then we can hopefully come to know and feel his presence in each of our daily lives. For in this life, we do not “walk it by ourselves”… we can walk with God every step of the way.

Deacon Stuart Neslin is the parish administrator at St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

Source: Rome News

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Parents, volunteers, students, teachers working together for Berry Half Marathon, 10K, 5K

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The Berry Half Marathon, 10K and 5K is about a community coming together, according to Berry College Elementary and Middle School teachers and volunteers.

The race is in its eighth year and is the school’s only fundraiser. Approximately 1,600 runners will be at Saturday’s race, along with 400 volunteers. Competitors are coming from Costa Rica, Canada and Mexico to run on one of the largest campuses in the world.

“We use the funds raised during the race to fund technology and scholarships,” said Lori Frederick, volunteer coordinator for the race and third grade teacher at BCEMS. “The fundraising aspect is important, but I think the fact that it is such a community event is the most important part.”

The elementary and middle school parents join forces to make the event possible, she said.

“We have 100 percent parent participation,” said Frederick. “That is almost unheard of. We also have so many community stakeholders, Berry College students, our students and other volunteers from all over who come together to make this happen.”

Frederick mentioned that one couple from Atlanta drives in to volunteer on race day and have every year.

“They are the sweetest couple and they always want the same station and they have no real ties to Berry other than they come here to help out,” she said.

After so many years, Frederick said the school staff and parents are becoming acclimated to running the race in the most efficient way.

“The workload is the same every year, but it becomes easier because you know what to expect,” she said, smiling. “We don’t worry as much because we can anticipate problems and we know how to make the race run smoother.”

One such way was moving the packet pickup from the Ford buildings to Krannert Center, she said.

“Moving everything here made it easier and safer for the volunteers and the runners,” she explained. “For years before, we set up a tent in front of the Ford Buildings, which was also where the race started. There was so much traffic. Moving it here for part of last year and now having it all here this year is much better.”

Today, volunteers will be at the Krannert Center ballroom from noon until 8 p.m. handing out race packets to runners who want to pick up their racing bib, map, T-shirt and other items included in the packet.

Runners can still register for any of the races at Krannert until 8 p.m. today. Registration costs are $75 for the half marathon, $35 for the 10K and $30 for the 5K.

An expo will also be running at Krannert which will feature 10 vendors from the Berry Student Enterprises.

Frederick said she feels another benefit of the race is simply bringing so many people to Berry.

“Having so many people come here and see Berry in such a positive light is wonderful,” she said.

The half marathon and 10K begin at 8 a.m. and the 5K begins at 8:20 a.m. in front of the Ford Buildings.

The Fun Run for children begins at 10:30 a.m. and will be in the Clara Bowl. Children can register the day of the race and the cost is $5.

Source: Rome News

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