Photography Courses in Macro Photography

Getting up close and personal with your subjects through macro photography provides fresh new views and enhances your photo collections. Here´s a brief look at the ins and outs of macro photography along with considerations and tips.

Want a little extra oomph out of your photos? Start using the macro setting on your digital camera or invest in a macro lens for your SLR. By getting up close and personal, you’ll see the world in a whole new way and so will anyone viewing your images especially in areas such as Perth Australia.

What is Macro Photography?

Macro photography is more than zooming in for a close up. With macro photography, the photographer actually gets as physically close to the subject as possible with a goal of reproducing an image at a one to one (or closer) ratio. Because the focal length is quite short, it’s important to have a lens capable of achieving this type of magnification. Many of these techniques you can learn in online photography courses in Australia.

While purists apply the term macro to images that have a vi or closer ratio, you don’t necessarily need to get out your measuring tape and calculator to enjoy experimenting with your macro settings. It doesn’t matter what you call it if the image is stunning and one of the best ways to get incredible images is to get up close and personal.

What You Should Know about Shooting Macro Photos The depth of field at these ranges is far shallower than you may be used to. Because of this, it’s important to use the smallest F-stop possible for optimal crispness. Since you’ll be using a small aperture setting, lighting your subject becomes critical. However, a catch-n occurs. Your camera’s lens is often right up against the subject making adding light nearly impossible. You may need to compromise by settling for a wider aperture setting or getting creative with your light source.

Focusing is also critical because at this magnification, the slightest blur becomes a major distraction. The shallow depth of field can be your best friend or your worst enemy when it comes to shooting macro images. Use it to draw attention to your subject just as you would when shooting other images with shallow depths of field. Understand that you can minimize this effect by closing the aperture but doing so requires compensation in the form of more light or longer exposure times.

Since longer exposure times require complete stillness during exposure, use a tripod and a shutter cable (or timer) to ensure that the camera doesn’t move while taking the picture. If you’re using a digital camera, you will be able to see the results immediately and make adjustments as needed.

Uses for Macro Photography

Besides being fun, macro photography has a variety of uses. Imagine jazzing up your travel photos by including macro shots of the local currency or seashells on the beaches of Perth. Artists often use macro shots of flowers, fruits, and other subjects that they plan to paint. Macro photography also has its practical uses. For example, when taking a home inventory, take macro shots of serial and model numbers to further document your possessions. Selling products on eBay? Include macro images of details that either will entice buyers or inform them of the item’s condition.

The more you use macro photography, the more you’ll start seeing the world a little bit differently. Get up close and personal with your subjects and create stunning, intimate images.

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Breast Augmentation Tucson Guide

Having breast augmentation comes with a lot of questions. Should I go the route of getting implants or a more natural method? Many women are now choosing to have a breast augmentation without surgery. This is because it can get rid of their problem areas as well as let them have the breasts they have always desired. Here are the benefits of getting breast augmentation by natural means.

One natural method of augmentation uses your body’s own fat. This is taken from areas where there is unwanted fat on your body. This can be your thighs, stomach, and many others areas. They suck out the fat with liposuction and then it is placed into the breast area for fuller, great looking breasts. You can find many of offices offering natural breast implants in Tucson Arizona.

One benefit of a naturally augmentation your breasts is they will feel natural. With breast implants sometimes they will not look as natural. This is because they often look stiff. Using fat from your own body helps the breasts look like you were born with them.

Another benefit is that transferring fat for a enhancing your bust nauturally does not interfere with a mammogram. Traditional implants do interfere. Mammograms are routinely required after a woman reaches the age of 40 so it’s great that they do not interfere with detecting medical conditions, such as breast cancer.

When you get regular breast implants they often leave scars. That is because they have to make open incisions in order to place them inside you. However, with a natural method large incisions are not involved so there are virtually no scars.

Not having to put foreign items into your body is another advantage to breast implants naturally. Unlike implants that were never part of your body, a natural breast augmentation uses fat that was already in your body. This eliminates the risks associated with foreign materials in your body.

One of the disadvantages of breast implants is they are often recommended to be replaced after ten years or so. With a natural breast enhancements such as found in Breast Augmentation In Tucson this is not required . This is because you are using your own fat that was already in your body before the augmentation. Changes in shape may occur due to pregnancy or gaining weight but otherwise another procedure is not needed.

Lastly, a great benefit is that you don’t have to worry about it deflating like implants. There is also no chance that it will leak since it’s not an implant but fat from your body. This is a much safer option because the material in implants can cause health issues if it leaks into your body.

There are so many benefits to enhancing your breasts naturally. These include having breasts that feel and look natural, they do not leave scars like normal implants, they don’t interfere with mammograms, you do not have to put anything foreign into your body, and they do not leak or deflate. Naturally augmenting the size of your breasts is a big decision. By looking at all the advantages you will be able to figure out if this procedure is right for you.

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Rising Careers : Medical Billing and Coding

As a medical biller you will be given an important office position, where you will be actively contributing to the health care industry. Your job will entail a number of responsibilities and you will often be the liaison between patients, medical institutions and various insurance companies.

The job description for medical biller is best suited for an individual who can pay close attention to minute details. It will be your responsibility to complete insurance invoices, review the information and then submit these forms to the appropriate agency. In today’s medical world there are HIPPA rules about obtaining, releasing and transmitting personal information. These submissions must be done electronically and you will need to make certain that all of the data and signatures are in the correct places.

A medical billing specialist will often be found working in a physician’s office or at a large hospital. However these jobs are also available in numerous health care related facilities such as a free-standing medical clinic, a nursing home, rehab center or physical therapy office. There is an increasing need for individuals with the necessary skills to handle the billing between health care providers and health insurance agencies. Sometimes the job requirements of a medical biller and coder will be combined together.

The duties for medical billers could include the following tasks

  • Reviewing patient bills for accuracy
  • Reviewing claims that are sent directly to Medicare/Medicaid
  • Checking to make sure that proper payments have been received
  • Resolving any billing discrepancies
  • Checking insurance policies for any secondary/tertiary benefits
  • Helping patients understand their insurance benefits plan
  • Calculating the amount that the patient might be charged for health care services
  • Tracking and resolving any unpaid insurance claims

Skills needed to become a medical biller

  • Broad, detailed knowledge of insurance payment guidelines
  • Ability to do research online (regarding payment benefits)
  • Interpersonal skills to deal with the public
  • Multi-tasking capability
  • Computer skills
  • Knowledge of medical coding
  • Familiarity with various medical billing software programs

You should be comfortable working with computers and interacting with others. This job will require you to think on your feet. You should be organized and efficient. Much of the day you will be sitting at a desk, but you may need to file papers, retrieve necessary documents and have an eye for details.

Depending upon your employer the job assignments could even require you to occasionally function as a receptionist or help with other office tasks. The majority of the time your duties will be completely focused on making sure that the billing invoices are being completed properly and submitted in a timely manner.


  • You should have a HS diploma or GED
  • Completion of a Medical Billing Training Course
  • An Associate’s Degree in Business Administration (ora comparable field)


It is helpful to have at least 6 months-1 year of office experience that involved working in a health care setting such as a doctor’s office or hospital.

Medical Billing as a Life Career

This field is growing at a rapid pace and offers many opportunities for individuals who want to choose medical billing as their career. In most situations this is a job with standard Monday-Friday (9-5 or 8-4) scheduling requirements.

The average salary for medical billing associates is $14/hr. Average yearly salary is $30,000-$45,000. Some jobs will include profit sharing, stock options, retirement programs and other perks.

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Floyd County Jail reports March 3, 8 p.m.

The Latest Local News from the Rome News

The Floyd County Jail releases arrest reports twice a day – 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Mobile users follow this link to view the 24-hour report on

Source: Rome News

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Brothers sentenced to prison for methamphetamine trafficking in Chattooga County

The Latest Local News from the Rome News

ROME, Ga. – Felix Moreno-Garcia and Fabian Pineda-Garcia have been sentenced for possessing over four pounds of methamphetamine with the intent to distribute.

“These brothers were significant contributors to the Northwest Georgia methamphetamine market,” said Acting U.S. Attorney John Horn. “Thankfully, DEA agents and the Lookout Mountain Drug Task Force successfully put an end to this family drug dealing business.”

Daniel R. Salter, the Special Agent in Charge of the DEA Atlanta Field Division stated, “These methamphetamine distributors were driven by greed and power. Today they stand powerless and will spend well-deserved time in prison. This case would not have been possible without the high level of cooperation between our law enforcement counterparts.”

According to Acting United States Attorney Horn, the charges and other information presented in court: In July 2012, the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit Drug Task Force (“Lookout Mountain Task Force”) initiated an investigation of a Mexican drug trafficking organization operating out of Chattooga County, Georgia. The Lookout Mountain Task Force developed an informant who provided information regarding Fabian Pineda-Garcia’s narcotics trafficking.

In August 2012, the DEA joined the investigation focusing on Fabian Pineda-Garcia’s brother, Felix Moreno-Garcia. Agents conducted a series of controlled purchases before successfully introducing an undercover officer to Moreno-Garcia in November 2013. Moreno-Garcia sold the undercover officer multi-ounce quantities of methamphetamine on several occasions. On March 19, 2014, Moreno-Garcia sold the undercover officer eight ounces of methamphetamine in the parking lot of the Wal-Mart in Trion, Georgia. Immediately after the sale, officers arrested Moreno-Garcia before he could leave the parking lot. Later that evening, agents executed search warrants at four locations, including a residence in Trion, Georgia. There, law enforcement officers discovered three and a half pounds of methamphetamine hidden under a mattress in a bedroom. Agents also located a 12-gauge shotgun in the corner of the bedroom. Agents arrested Fabian Pineda-Garcia and an unindicted coconspirator at the residence.

Both Moreno-Garcia and Pineda-Garcia were convicted of conspiring to distribute methamphetamine upon their pleas of guilty on November 19, 2014.

Felix Moreno-Garcia, 33, of Trion, Georgia, was sentenced to 15 years, four months in prison to be followed by five years of supervised release. Fabian Pineda-Garcia, 34, also of Trion, Georgia, was sentenced to ten years, one month in prison to be followed by five years of supervised release. Both were sentenced by United States District Judge Harold L. Murphy.

This case was investigated by the Drug Enforcement Administration and Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit Drug Task Force.

Assistant United States Attorney C. Brock Brockington prosecuted the case.

Source: Rome News

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Jury acquits man on robbery, kidnapping charges – guilty on battery charge

The Latest Local News from the Rome News

A Floyd County jury acquitted a man on robbery and kidnapping charges but convicted him of a battery charge. He was sentenced to six months to serve in jail. He has already served 44 days of that sentence.

Tavarous Dewayne Samples, 36, was acquitted on charges of  kidnapping and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, false imprisonment, aggravated assault, terroristic threats and acts, influencing a witness, robbery, obstruction of a 911 call and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Previously posted: Jurors deliberate in case of man accused of robbing and kidnapping mother of his child

Floyd County jurors are deliberating the fate of a Rome man accused of robbing and kidnapping the mother of his child.

Tavarous Dewayne Samples, 36, faces multiple charges in connection with what prosecutors call an abusive relationship that led on Aug. 8, 2013, to the kidnapping and assault of Tieka Tawanna Daniel.

Attorneys in the 2013 robbery and kidnapping case of Daniel focused Tuesday on her credibility, hinging their arguments on whether jurors in the Floyd County Superior Court case should believe her.

Samples’ defense attorney said Daniel’s initial story was fabricated out of anger at Samples, the father of one of her children. Samples dated two women at the time and Daniel created the kidnapping story, recanting shortly afterward.

Previously posted: Victim in 2013 robbery, kidnap case recants

A woman at the center of a robbery and kidnapping trial testified Monday that she initially lied to police when accusing Tavarous Dewayne Samples of taking her cell phone and holding her against her will.

Tieka Tawanna Daniel, the mother of Samples’ child, told Floyd County Superior Court jurors that she created a story about Samples robbing her of her phone and stopping her from calling 911 on Aug. 8, 2013.

Daniel also said she began a fight that evening that led Samples to pull out some of her hair.

“The fact of the matter is you were mad at him and you wanted him in trouble because he was going to see someone else,” asked Chris Twyman, Samples’ attorney.

Sitting on the witness stand, Daniel agreed.

Prosecutors, however, say Samples intimidated Daniel after the robbery, telling her to recant her story to police and say the incident never happened.

“I knew at the end of the day I was still going to mess with him,” Daniel said under questioning by Assistant District Attorney Hal Golden. “I wasn’t going to stop. I didn’t want to press charges. I didn’t want him to go to jail.”

Samples, 36, faces two counts each of kidnapping and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime and one count each of false imprisonment, aggravated assault, terroristic threats and acts, influencing a witness, battery, robbery, obstruction of a 911 call and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Samples remained in the Floyd County Jail Monday without bond.

Under questioning by Golden, Daniel said she and Samples were at her sister’s West Rome home Aug. 8, 2013, when they began arguing. Daniel took Samples’ car keys from him because she didn’t want him going to a club.

The pair began to fight. Daniel grabbed Samples’ hair, in dreadlocks then, and Samples pulled out her hair. The couple then drove in Samples’ car to his Silver Creek home.

Daniel said she wanted to return home. Samples refused and instead started driving to her mother’s home on Dodd Boulevard, where Daniel didn’t want to go.

“When we were going there, I just jumped out of the car,” Daniel testified.

Daniel noted that she’d called two friends before leaping from the vehicle, but never told them Samples was holding her against her will.

A police detective found Daniel walking that night. She gave a statement, saying at one point that Samples claimed he had a grave dug for her. Daniel recanted shortly afterward.

Samples has financially supported her for the past four years, but he made no promise about continuing support in exchange for changing her story, Daniel said.

“Yeah, me and him fight, but I love him,” Daniel said.

The trial resumes at 9 a.m. today before Judge Jack Niedrach.

Source: Rome News

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Synovus Securities recognizes Citizens First VP Lynn Whatley

The Latest Local News from the Rome News

Lynn Whatley, Vice President and Financial Consultant with Synovus Securities, Inc. at Citizens First Bank, was recently recognized as one of the top three SSI Financial Consultants for generating the most GLOBALT client assets.

In addition, his performance earned him inclusion in the Chairman’s Council which is the highest level of recognition presented to a Synovus Securities Financial Consultant. This award recognizes those who exceeded their annual production goals and consistently delivered a high degree of client satisfaction during the year. This is the ninth consecutive year Lynn has been recognized for outstanding performance.

“Lynn’s great year puts him in the Synovus Circle of Excellence,” stated Angie Lewis, President and CEO of Citizens First Bank. “We are so pleased to see him recognized for his tremendous job. Lynn is dedicated to his clients and their satisfaction, and we are proud of the way he provides them with sound financial advice and the finest in customer service.”

Whatley, a Rome native, is a graduate of Mercer University and received the Chartered Financial Consultant and Chartered Life Underwriter certifications from the American College in Bryn Mawr, PA. He has more than 36 years experience in the financial services industry including retirement, investment, estate, and insurance planning. Whatley and his wife, Vicki, reside in Rome.

Source: Rome News

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US running out of room to store oil; price collapse next?

The Latest Local News from the Rome News

NEW YORK (AP) — The U.S. has so much crude that it is running out of places to put it, and that could drive oil and gasoline prices even lower in the coming months.

For the past seven weeks, the United States has been producing and importing an average of 1 million more barrels of oil every day than it is consuming. That extra crude is flowing into storage tanks, especially at the country’s main trading hub in Cushing, Oklahoma, pushing U.S. supplies to their highest point in at least 80 years, the Energy Department reported last week.

If this keeps up, storage tanks could approach their operational limits, known in the industry as “tank tops,” by mid-April and send the price of crude — and probably gasoline, too — plummeting.

“The fact of the matter is we are running out of storage capacity in the U.S.,” Ed Morse, head of commodities research at Citibank, said at a recent symposium at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York.

Morse has suggested oil could fall all the way to $20 a barrel from the current $50. At that rock-bottom price, oil companies, faced with mounting losses, would stop pumping oil until the glut eased. Gasoline prices would fall along with crude, though lower refinery production, because of seasonal factors and unexpected outages, could prevent a sharp decline.

The national average price of gasoline is $2.44 a gallon. That’s $1.02 cheaper than last year at this time, but up 37 cents over the past month.

Other analysts agree that crude is poised to fall sharply — if not all the way to $20 — because it continues to flood into storage for a number of reasons:

— U.S. oil production continues to rise. Companies are cutting back on new drilling, but that won’t reduce supplies until later this year.

— The new oil being produced is light, sweet crude, which is a type many U.S. refineries are not designed to process. Oil companies can’t just get rid of it by sending it abroad, because crude exports are restricted by federal law.

— Foreign oil continues to flow into the U.S., both because of economic weakness in other countries and to feed refineries designed to process heavy, sour crude.

— This is the slowest time of year for gasoline demand, so refiners typically reduce or stop production to perform maintenance. As refiners process less crude, supplies build up.

— Oil investors are making money buying and storing oil because of the difference between the current price of oil and the price for delivery in far-off months. An investor can buy oil at $50 today and enter into a contract to sell it for $59 in December, locking in a profit even after paying for storage during those months.

The delivery point for most of the oil traded in the U.S. is Cushing, a city of about 8,000 people halfway between Oklahoma City and Tulsa at an intersection of several pipelines. The city is dotted with tanks that can, in theory, hold 85 million barrels of oil, according to the Energy Department, though some of those tanks are used for blending or feeding pipelines, not for storing oil.

The market data provider Genscape, which flies helicopters equipped with infrared cameras and other technology over Cushing twice a week to measure storage levels, estimates Cushing is two-thirds full.

Hillary Stevenson, who manages storage, pipeline and refinery monitoring for Genscape, says Cushing could be full by mid-April. Supplies are increasing at “the highest rate we have ever seen at Cushing,” she says.

Full tanks — or super-low prices — are not a sure thing. New storage is under construction at Cushing, and there are large storage terminals near Houston, in St. James, Louisiana, and elsewhere around the country that will probably begin to take in more oil as prices fall far enough to cover the cost of transporting the oil.

Also, drillers are cutting back fast because oil prices have plummeted from $107 a barrel in June. And demand is showing signs of rising.

While the Energy Department reported another enormous rise in crude stocks last week, up 8.4 million barrels from the week earlier, it also reported that diesel and gasoline supplies fell more than expected. That leads some to conclude that demand for crude will soon pick up, easing the surplus somewhat.

But many analysts believe oil prices will fall through the spring, before summer drivers start to relieve the glut.


Jonathan Fahey can be reached at .

Copyright 2015 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Source: Rome News

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GHC honors longtime faculty members

The Latest Local News from the Rome News

Georgia Highlands College was proud to honor faculty at all five of its campuses with years of service awards this year, ranging from five years to 40.

The 2015 Years of Service awardees were as follows:

In the five years of service category: Ed Hawkins on the Floyd campus; Sherry Green, Connie Watjen, Russell Cook and Leslie Johnston on the Cartersville campus; Kencho Tenzin on the Marietta campus; Connie Barbour at Heritage Hall; and Jayme Feagin and John Kwist, Jr. on the Paulding campus.

In the 10 years of service category: Jason Hitzeman and Cindy Wheeler on the Floyd campus; Leslie Johnson, Robert Adams, Jr. and Jed Gillespie on the Cartersville campus; Mauro Bisiacchi on the Marietta campus; and Vincent Manatsa on the Douglasville campus.

In the 15, 20 and 35 years of service categories in the following correlating order: Debbie Amason on the Marietta campus; Carla Patterson on the Floyd campus; and Kristie Kemper on the Floyd campus.

A 40 years of service award went to Ken Weatherman on the Floyd campus.

Source: Rome News

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Habitat for Humanity starting Polk project

The Latest Local News from the Rome News

The Habitat for Humanity – Coosa Valley is set to start a new project here in Polk County after the organization decided to expand its reach beyond the Floyd County lines.

An organization meeting for the Habitat house rehabilitation project is set for Tuesday, March 10 at the Cedartown First United Methodist Church for 5:30 p.m.

Habitat executive director Bruce Day said his organization previously planned a Feb. 26 meeting at the church, but called it off due to winter weather.

He said he hopes volunteers will participate in the 2-hour interest meeting that will include a snack supper and get a chance to hear about the upcoming project.

“We’re getting things in place already,” he said. “It’s going to be a great project, and we’re hoping to have everything completed by June.”

Day said the organization chose the Darden family on Old Collard Valley Road in Polk County for the first Habitat project, electing to update an already existing property instead of building a new home.

He said the organization has received queries about coming to Polk County since he became director 10 years ago for the Habitat for Humanity – Coosa Valley, which was previously focused on Floyd County and Rome.

Now Day said Habitat will not only get involved in projects in Polk County, but is also expanding their reach to Chattooga County as well.

“There’s citizens who want to be engaged, and the time was right to work together to get something done,” he said.

Habitat will be working on three projects this spring at the same time, with the house rehabilitation in Polk County, a rehabilitation project in Floyd and new home construction in Chattooga, Day said.

The next step will be to keep the hammers swinging on other projects following this first expansion in the spring, Day said, and to keep volunteer interest high.

One area where Day said the organization will be involved in the coming months – after the remodel is completed – is the A Brush with Kindness program already underway in Floyd County.

The expansion of the program will give qualifying residents opportunities to get their homes painted for free. See for more information about A Brush with Kindness.

Day said he’s also hoping more organizations will show interest in helping with the upcoming Habitat build now that the chapter has expanded into Polk County.

“While there have been quite a few interested volunteers, we need more individuals and churches to get involved with us as volunteers,” he said.

Organizations in Polk County are already giving back to the Habitat build too, Day said. The HON Company and the United Methodist Conference both contributed to the upcoming remodel of the Darden home, Day said, but more funding resources will still be needed.

Those interested in making donations can call 706-378-0030 for more information.

Source: Rome News

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AJC: Company pitches Bartow County theme park near LakePoint sports complex

The Latest Local News from the Rome News

A group led by a former chairman of the Georgia Lottery has filed plans to build a theme park in Bartow County that the company says would feature movie industry-quality special effects.

Avatron USA Development has filed plans for Avatron Smart Park, a 700-plus acre development along Paga Mine Road in the Emerson and Cartersville area, just west of the sprawling LakePoint Sporting Community complex and town center along I-75.

In a filing Tuesday to the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, the company described a “totally immersive, technology-driven theme park drawing on the expertise of Hollywood’s leading visual effects professionals.” The project also would include two hotels, retail and a music venue.

Click here to continue reading.

Source: Rome News

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Juvenile charged with robbery of Five Forks Grocery in Kingston

The Latest Local News from the Calhoun Times

The Bartow County Sheriff’s Office has arrested and charged a 15-year-old male for the armed robbery of a Kingston grocery store in late February.

According to Bartow County Sheriff Clark Millsap:

On  Feb. 25 at approximately 5:54 a.m. deputies were dispatched to and armed robbery call at the Five Forks Grocery located at 10 Lowery Road in Kingston.

The clerk said a white male wearing an orange Nike sweatshirt, sunglasses and a gray bandanna covering his face entered the store carrying a handgun. The person pointed the weapon at he, and requested two cartons of Marlboro Special Blend Black Menthol and two cartons of Marlboro Light 100’s.

The clerk was able to activate the store’s alarm and gave the robber the cigarettes. The robber then fled the store.

The juvenile is charged with armed robbery and aggravated assault. He is being held at the Rome Youth Detention Center where he will be kept until a hearing in Bartow County Superior Court.

Source: Calhoun Times

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NWGA Career Expo seeking to link employers with job seekers on April 2 in Ringgold

The Latest Local News from the Rome News

ATLANTA – The Georgia Department of Labor and the Catoosa County Board of Commissioners will co-sponsor the Northwest Georgia Regional Career Expo April 2 in Ringgold.

The expo will provide employers in the 15-county area with opportunities to recruit   qualified and skilled employees. And, the expo will give jobseekers chances to meet reputable employers and expand their career options.

The counties include: Bartow, Catoosa, Chattooga, Dade, Fannin, Floyd, Gilmer, Gordon, Haralson, Murray, Paulding, Pickens, Polk, Walker, and Whitfield.

The expo will be held at The Colonnade at 264 Catoosa Circle in Ringgold. The site will accommodate as many as 80 employers.

Employers in the area who would like to participate still have time to register. They may register, or get additional information about the expo, by contacting the GDOL’s Cathy Toles at (404) 274-8687. The deadline to register is March 30.

Employers who are already registered include: Audia Group, Beaulieu America, Dalton State College, Georgia Department of Economic Development-Tourism, Georgia Visitor Information Center, Lake Winnepesaukah, LMCS-Kaleidoscope Program, Lookout Mountain Community Services, Mattex USA Manufacturing, Miura America Company, Modern Woodman, See Rock City, Shaw Industries, and Zwork Staffing.

Source: Rome News

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Redmond wins state level patient safety award

The Latest Local News from the Rome News

Redmond Regional Medical Center earned a second place Quality and Patient Safety Award from the Partnership for Health and Accountability for the hospital’s effort to improve patient care in the emergency department, RRMC reported Friday.

Redmond competed with other hospitals in the 100 to 299 bed category.

According to Redmond:

RRMC was also presented with a Circle of Excellence Award given to hospitals and health systems that have demonstrated a sustained commitment to quality and patient safety as evidenced by not only winning a patient safety award in 2014, but by earning three or more PHA Patient Safety Awards within the previous five years.

This is the ninth year in a row that Redmond has been awarded a Circle of Excellence Award.

Redmond noticed an increase in patient volume in the ED was contributing to longer wait times.

To address the issue, daily reports were submitted to leadership.

As a result, changes were made, including the use of a self-registration kiosk, having environmental services ensuring rooms are prepared, and having inpatient units readily available to accept admitted patients.

Average wait times before a prospective patient was greeted by a health care provider after arrival decreased by a third. The percentages of patients leaving before being screened or receiving treatment was cut in half.

“We continually work to improve quality, service and patient safety,” said John Quinlivan, Redmond chief executive officer. “I’m so proud of our staff members who not only took the initiative to identify an opportunity to improve patient care, but also followed through to find the solution and make it happen.”

Source: Rome News

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Floyd County Jail report, 8 p.m. Friday, Feb. 27

The Latest Local News from the Rome News

The Floyd County Jail issues arrest reports twice daily, at 8 p.m. and 8 a.m.

Mobile users should click here to see the 24-hour report.

Source: Rome News

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Report: Rome police investigating robbery on Redmond Circle

The Latest Local News from the Rome News

Police are searching for a man after he allegedly robbed a Rome fast food restaurant around 7:30 p.m. Friday night, according to scanner traffic.

Rome police say a man assaulted an employee of Bojangles’ at 1383 Redmond Circle during the incident.

The subject then possibly ran west. Officers have set up a perimeter and are searching the area.

Check back later for updates.

Source: Rome News

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Georgia measles scare over with no spread of the disease

The Latest Local News from the Calhoun Times

The Georgia measles scare that stemmed from an infected infant arriving here from overseas is apparently at an end, with no further spread of the disease.

Earlier this month, state health officials said they identified 35 people – most of them children – as susceptible to getting measles from the infant who was hospitalized in Atlanta for the disease.

The baby arrived at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston with measles in early February. Officials said the child left the Central Asian nation of Kyrgyzstan on a flight and eventually landed in Atlanta.

“There are no known secondary cases of measles connected to the first case of measles in the infant from Kyrgyzstan,’’ Nancy Nydam, a spokeswoman for the Department of Public Health, said Friday.

Friday was the last day of the incubation period for potential secondary cases, she said. The incubation period of measles is seven to 21 days.

There are no known new cases of measles in Georgia either, she said.

The infant was discharged from the hospital earlier this month and is believed to be doing fine, Nydam said.

Public health officials contacted 250 people overall in the wake of the arrival of the infant.

Of the 35 considered susceptible to measles, a large number were children. These people either had not been immunized against the measles or have compromised immune systems.

The infant was the first confirmed case of the measles in Georgia in three years.

Kyrgyzstan, a relatively remote and sparsely populated nation, has had “a significant measles outbreak,’’ Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, commissioner of Public Health, said at her agency’s board meeting earlier this month.

The Atlanta case was not connected to the recent outbreak of measles that originated at Disneyland in Southern California.

The CDC reports that as Feb. 20, 154 people from 17 states and Washington, D.C., were reported to have measles this year. Most were linked to the Disneyland outbreak.

Measles is highly contagious. The respiratory disease, caused by a virus, spreads through the air through coughing and sneezing.

To prevent measles, children (and some adults) should be vaccinated with the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine, the CDC says. Two doses of this vaccine provides 97 percent to 98 percent immunity, the highest rate for any immunization currently offered.

Children should be given the first dose of MMR vaccine at 12 to 15 months of age. The second dose can be given four weeks later, but is usually given before the start of kindergarten at 4 to 6 years of age.

In Georgia, all 35 or their families were advised to get an MMR or an IgG test for measles exposure.

Doctors at Children’s Healthcare placed the child in an isolation room upon arrival and activated other control measures to limit exposure.

The measles outbreak this year has ignited a debate about requiring parents to have their children immunized.

A recent CNN poll found that nearly 8 of 10 Americans believe parents should be required to vaccinate their healthy children against preventable diseases such as measles, mumps, rubella and polio.

If the children are not vaccinated, most agree the child should not be allowed to attend public school or day care, CNN reported.

The anti-vaccine movement, which is relatively small but cuts across philosophical and ideological lines, has been criticized by medical authorities, who say the rise in measles and other vaccine-preventable diseases is being fueled by people who opt not to vaccinate.

All U.S. states allow medical exemptions from vaccines, and all but two allow religious exclusions. Nineteen states permit vaccination exemptions for philosophical reasons, but Georgia is not one of them, WABE reported recently.

Public Health said 98 percent of Georgia’s enrolled kindergartners have received the recommended vaccinations.

Source: Calhoun Times

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Learjet flying over Rome part of practice

The Latest Local News from the Rome News

The sound of a jet flying near downtown Rome and around Floyd County on Friday was a Learjet 25 making practice runs, Richard B. Russell Regional Airport staff said.

The aircraft was practicing touch-and-go landings, making circuits around Floyd County and back every few hours.

The training can help pilots when flying to areas to pick up organs and take them to transplant recipients.

Source: Rome News

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