Floyd County Jail reports Oct. 8, 8 p.m.

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The Latest Local News from the Rome News

The Floyd County Jail releases arrest reports twice a day – 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Source: Rome News

Update: Floyd Medical Center issues statement on ADA settlement

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The Latest Local News from the Rome News

Update: Floyd Medical Center issued the following statement this afternoon after it was revealed the hospital reached a settlement over violations of the Americans With Disabilities Act:

The three incidents referenced in today’s settlement agreement occurred in 2011 (2) and 2012 (1). There have been no complaints in the three years since.

Floyd has agreed to appoint a Hearing Impaired Coordinator, who will be alerted anytime a patient or family member requests interpreting services. The Hearing Impaired Coordinator will be available to respond to any request 24 hours a day, seven day a week.

In most cases where sign language interpreting is needed, Floyd uses an ADA approved video remote interpreting service (VRI), which links the patient and caregivers to a live interpreter remotely. To maintain the excellent service provided in similar situations during the last three years, we will provide enhanced staff training on the availability and use of VRI technology.

Previously posted: The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Georgia has reached a settlement agreement with Floyd Medical Center, a system of health care providers located in Rome, Georgia, to resolve an investigation into allegations that it violated Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act by failing to ensure effective communication with individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing.

“When a deaf patient or caregiver is unable to understand what is happening during a medical visit or procedure, it can be a terrifying experience and adversely affect the quality of care,” said U.S. Attorney John Horn. “Deaf or hard of hearing citizens deserve the same opportunities to participate in medical decisions as every other citizen.”

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The U.S. Attorney’s Office initiated an investigation after receiving three complaints alleging that Floyd failed to provide appropriate auxiliary aids and services when necessary to ensure effective communication. The complainants, who are deaf or hard of hearing and rely on American Sign Language as their primary means of communication, were either patients or the primary caregivers of patients at Floyd.

One claimant alleged that she endured a complicated labor and delivery by C-section without any effective communication before or during this procedure. Another complainant, who was the primary caregiver for her elderly father, alleged that she was denied effective communication and therefore unable to fully participate in or understand the medical decision-making regarding his terminal illness or discharge to home hospice care.

Under the settlement agreement, Floyd agreed to ensure effective communication to patients who are deaf and hard of hearing. In the future, Floyd agreed to give primary consideration to the expressed preference for a particular auxiliary aid or service by an individual who is deaf or hard of hearing. Among other things, Floyd has agreed to provide mandatory in-service training to all its personnel and provide reports to the U.S. Attorney’s Office regarding its compliance with the settlement agreement. The training will address the needs of deaf and hard-of-hearing patients and companions. Floyd also agreed to pay $75,000 to the complainants.

The ADA prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities by health care professionals. Under the ADA, health care providers are required to provide effective communication to individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing. When complex, lengthy communication is involved, the ADA generally requires health care professionals to provide qualified sign language interpreters for the person who is deaf or hard of hearing.

This agreement is part of the Department of Justice’s Barrier-Free Health Care Initiative, which is a partnership of the Civil Rights Division and U.S. Attorneys’ offices across the nation, to target enforcement efforts on a critical area for individuals with disabilities. The initiative, launched on the 22nd anniversary of the ADA in July 2012, includes the participation of more than 40 U.S. Attorneys’ offices, including the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Georgia. Information about the initiative can be found at www.ada.gov/usao-agreements.htm.

Assistant U.S. Attorneys Aileen Bell-Hughes and Emily Shingler are representing the United States in this matter.

Source: Rome News

Pumpkin harvest for fall

The Latest Local News from the Cedartown Standard

Harvest pumpkins when they become mature. At this stage the rind is hard (resists denting by thumbnail pressure) and the pumpkin has developed the characteristic color for that cultivar.

As a general rule, naturally aging vines are indirect indicators of pumpkin maturity. However, to ensure good keeping quality, mature pumpkins should be harvested prior to cold damage, which increases the likelihood of storage rots. When harvesting, leave three to four inches of stem. Pumpkins with stems removed do not store as well since the stem scars may afford rot organisms convenient entry.

Suggestions for harvesting and storing your pumpkins

Establish, fertilize, and manage the crop properly so that healthy (free of disease, insects, and mechanical injury) pumpkins are available for harvesting.

Harvest the fruit when it is mature and the rind is hard, but before night temperatures are below 40 degrees F and well before a frost or a hard freeze.

Harvest the fruit when it is dry. Do not handle wet fruit.

Harvest, handle, and store fruit carefully to avoid injuries.

Discard all fruit that is immature, injured, or has rots or blemishes. These fruit should not be harvested or stored.

Do not pick up freshly harvested fruit by the stem since many will separate from the fruit and provide easier access for rot organisms.

Do not stack the fruit higher than three feet (ideally, single layer for large pumpkins).

Do not permit harvested or stored fruit to get wet. Usually pumpkins are not washed, but if washing is necessary, be sure the water is chlorinated.

For better keeping, some growers cure pumpkins for 10 to 20 days at 80 to 85 degrees F with good ventilation.

Harvested fruit should be stored with good ventilation at temperatures from 50 to 55 degrees F and relative humidity between 50 to 75 percent. Refrigeration temperatures (35 – 40 degrees F) may cause chilling injuries and shorten shelf life. High temperature storage will result in excessive loss of weight, color, and culinary qualities. High humidities may promote rots. Storage life without significant loss in quality is typically two or three months.

Source: Cedartown Standard

Prior descendents honored at Cedartown reception

The Latest Local News from the Cedartown Standard

Brian Hartman, Ramie Hartman, Alora Barasoain, Dr. Heather Prior, Alexander Barasoain, Greg Gray and Larry Odom gathered for a photo during a reception for the descendants of Asa Prior over the weekend.

The family toured around Cedartown with Gray, and were given a proclamation.  

Source: Cedartown Standard

SJ Area new arrivals from the October 7, 2015 edition

The Latest Local News from the Cedartown Standard

Katie Garmon and Casey Garmon of Polk County announce the birth of a daughter Avery Layne Garmon. She was born on Sept. 29, 2015.

Bianey Salmeron and Leder Santana of Cedartown announce the birth of a daughter Mairany Santana. She was born on Sept. 27, 2015.

Krista Price and Danny Myers of Rockmart announce the birth of a son Caden Abel Myers. He was born on Sept. 25, 2015.

Ayisha Carter and Effron Hopkins of Cedartown announce the birth of a son Deon Eugene James Hopkins. He was born on Sept. 25, 2015.

Tabitha McAny and John Christopher Cummings Jr. of Cedartown announce the birth of a son Kayden Michael McAny Cummings. He was born on Sept. 22, 2015.

Brittany Michelle Jackson and Cody Nicholas Rose of Rome announce the birth of a daughter Abigail River Rose. She was born on Sept. 29, 2015.

Jessica Rutledge and Jeremy Rutledge of Cedartown announce the birth of a daughter Victoria Hensley Rutledge. She was born on Sept. 30, 2015.

Rebecca Sue (Becky) Mull and Benjamin David Mull of Silver Creek announce the birth of a son William James Mull. He was born on Sept. 23, 2015.

Ashley Griffin and Ian Griffin of Rome announce the birth of a son Carter Quinn Griffin. He was born on Sept. 22, 2015.

Pamela Carter Shelton and Timothy Blake Shelton of Cedartown announce the birth of a son Vincent Kayo Shelton. He was born on Sept. 22, 2015.

Kiara T. Griffin and Marcus D. Pace of Rome announce the birth of a daughter Markiriyah Elaine Pace. She was born on Sept. 23, 2015.

Lauren Grace Hulsey and Robert Cole Hulsey of Cedartown announce the birth of a daughter Ava Grace Hulsey. She was born on Sept. 27, 2015.

Shiquita Robinson and Brad Fisher of Rockmart announce the birth of a daughter Harleigh Noelle Fisher. She was born on Sept. 27, 2015.

Source: Cedartown Standard

Draconid meteor shower, planets to be visible tonight after last night's supermoon

The Latest Local News from the Rome News

For those who are upset about missing the supermoon last week, have no fear, there will be a meteor shower tonight with up to possibly 100 meteors per hour shooting across the sky.

According to Tellus Museum Astronomy Program Manager David Dundee, the Draconid meteor shower will peak this afternoon around 4 p.m. but the meteors should be visible as soon as the sun goes down tonight.

“This year’s shower will be unpredictable and the best time to see the meteors is after midnight. We could have a range of 40 meteors per hour up to 100 meteors per hour,” said Dundee.

Also, the planets Venus, Mars and Jupiter will be visible in the sky tonight and Jupiter and Venus should be bright enough to see with the naked eye.

Dundee said that this has led some to think that the world could possibly end, however he said it’s a completely normal phenomenon that happens about once a month.

“It’s not astronomically uncommon, but it is a very pretty sight to see,” said Dundee.

Source: Rome News

Skydive Spaceland taking great leaps in Polk

The Latest Local News from the Cedartown Standard

There are some things that become impossible to do when you reach a certain age, bucket list or not.

Skydiving is not one of those things.

Kevin Purdy, manager of Skydive Spaceland on Grady Road in Rockmart, has skydived with a 94-year-old veteran of World War II, and some of the instructors he’s worked with have flown tandem with clients as old as 104.

Purdy says so far the oldest skydiver he’s assisted at the Polk County location has been someone in his or her mid-70s. He said a common situation is that children will give their parents a skydive for their birthday and the parents are game enough to try it.

In general, Purdy said, special occasions are the meat and potatoes of skydiving.

People book a flight for a particularly significant birthday; they have banners saying “Will you marry me?” placed on the landing strip to make for unforgettable proposals; they even spread the ashes of a loved one while flying through the sky.

Sometimes a customer decides to conquer his or her fear of heights by jumping out of an airplane at 14,000 feet.

“We’ve had all the stories,” Purdy says, “and we are more than happy to help people with those requests. We love doing things like that.”

Skydive Spaceland offers a flexible mix of jumps, but all first timers must jump in tandem, in which a person is strapped to an instructor with a parachute. A first timer may elect to pull their chute, or they can leave that up to their trained instructor.

The most timid will hook on to the instructor and just hang on, Purdy says. “By the time you land, you’ll be their best friend,” he said with a grin.

Don’t let the 14,000 feet altitude scare you, says Spaceland office manager Deloria Olsen, “once you get up there, it’s all just numbers.”

Olsen, who also worked at the Houston facility, has been at the Polk County location since it opened in May 2015.

She jokes that she’s going for the world record in tandem jumps. “It’s just super fun,” she said.

Purdy, now 42, took his first jump 24 years ago, when he was working at the Albertson’s grocery headquarters in Boise, Idaho. “I saw that movie ‘Point Break’ and said ‘I got to do that’.”

Now, he said, “It’s the favorite thing I’ve done in my whole life.”

Purdy said he didn’t do his first jump in tandem with an instructor, and “I hit pretty hard on the landing,” he said. “That’s why we do the tandem here. It gets them into a good routine before they have to control the landing by themselves.”

For the majority of people who try skydiving, it’s a one-time thing, documented by video and photos.

Occasionally, someone who takes a dive for a lark ends up getting addicted and wants to try it again – and again, says Purdy.

About 15 of out of every 1,000 people go on to train to be a licensed skydiver, Purdy estimated.

Since opening in May, Skydive Spaceland has trained and qualified 14 people to the “A” license level, which means they are qualified to skydive – solo – anywhere in the world.

All of the instructors at Spaceland are licensed and have at least 1,000 jumps each.

To help those enthusiasts who want to experiment past the “once in a lifetime” jump, the facility offers a $99 second jump. There are also discounts for jumps scheduled 24 hours in advance and for groups.

The office at Skydive Spaceland in Rockmart is open from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 7:30 a.m. to sunset Saturday and Sunday. Call 770-748-2200 for more information.

Flying days are Thursday through Monday, and by appointment Tuesdays and Wednesdays; tandem skydives start at $199 per person, with a second dive for $99.

Those interested in jumping must be at least 18 years of age and weigh less than 280 pounds to tandem skydive.

Skydive Spaceland is a family-owned business based in Houston, Texas. In addition to the facility in Polk County, it has locations in Houston and Clewiston, Fla.

Source: Cedartown Standard

Fall greens arriving at market

The Latest Local News from the Cedartown Standard

Fall greens are abundant at the Rockmart Farmers Market every Thursday 2-6pm in Downtown Rockmart.

Along with kale, collards, chard and bok choy look for several varieties of lettuces. The potted mums are blooming in a variety of colors and muscadines, scuppernongs, peppers and green beans are still abundant along with several varieties of field peas.

Eggplants are still in harvest along with sweet potatoes, green onions, radishes and turnips. Kohlrabi and rainbow chard are plentiful and tomatoes, both green and red, along with okra and fall squashes can still be found at market.

Several types of apples are in harvest and along with all the veggies, look for pork and chicken, fresh eggs, local honey, baked goods, and canned goods.

It is the mission of Rockmart Farmers Market to improve the health of the community by increasing access to locally grown and produced foods; to increase knowledge of fresh food preparation and preservation; to increase the capacity of the local food system by providing support to local food producers; to preserve and promote the food and farming heritage of the this area.

Source: Cedartown Standard

Police: Cedartown man robbed Black’s Bluff Road Home

The Latest Local News from the Rome News

A Cedartown man was accused of robbing a residence on Black’s Buff Road on Wednesday, reports stated.

According to Floyd County Jail reports:

Danny Kay Ely, 55, of 162 Leonard Road in Cedartown was arrested after he entered a residence, pointed a gun at the victim and demanded money on Tuesday.

He is charged with armed robbery, pointing and aiming a gun at another, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, terroristic threats and acts, aggravated assault, 3rd degree cruelty to children, entering an automobile with intent to commit a crime, felony burglary and probation violation.

He is being held in jail without bond.

Source: Rome News

Report: Homeless woman stole rifle after being allowed to use washing machine

The Latest Local News from the Rome News

A homeless woman was accused of burglary after taking a black powder rifle from a house on Lewis Road, reports stated.

According to Floyd County Jail reports:

Robin Delanae Rodriguez, 29, was arrested after she entered a residence and took clothes and a rifle.

The owner of the house told her that she was allowed to use the washing machine on the carport of the residence, but she was not allowed to enter the house.

She is being held in jail without bond.

Source: Rome News